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Thread: what would you do if you cannot afford vet surgery bill?

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    i treat my dog as family so i would really go for any option that the vet would offer me, if it is possible to load then that would also be a good option if you really don't have the money right now, there are a lot of pert organizations who would be willing to do that, but if you are not that sure about loaning and feel that it will just be a burden then dont prolong the burden and pain of your dog, it is the right thing to do.

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    I think youll find most members here treat their dogs as family (for example, I always refer to mine as kids, i.e. Come inside kids etc despite also having a human kid), but IMO, that doesnt necessarily mean you can go for any option, or that any option is viable iykwim

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    Well you should see my Vet bill at present LOL..........It is way out there. $4500 for the TPLO, $700.00 for the Emergency on Monday and all those blood works which were sent all over the country.
    And I am still up for her desex, gastroplexy and TPLO check x-rays, about $1000.00, which was to happen yesterday, but delayed.....

    I am in Medibank Private and will put in all my bill and see what I get back...There are no guarantees as to what you get back.

    I pay my monthly bill for four large dogs........I am responsible for them, I chose to have them and I adore them. I treat my dogs like dogs, but they are extremely important to me. I realise after last Monday how attached I am to Katy (and the others) I thought she was dying at one point........BUT, I go in as early as possible, I saw the possible start of bloat , I went. No messing around, because early is better and in the long run cheaper.
    Same with the cruciate, early is better. Leave things longer and you get all sort of complications and that will cost more. We are not rich either, but I would have done something even if we were not insured. Maybe my choice of vet would have been ordinary surgeon, not Ortho Specialist.

    It sound like your vet is positive for a good outcome
    Pets are forever

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    Rosie's bill for surgery on Tuesday was $662.00; had the removal and resection been possible, the bill would have been approx $1300 - $1500. The bill I paid also included $50 for 10 days worth of antibiotics.

    To me, whilst I recognise that Rosie is a dog, she is MY dog that I chose to bring into the family, and to boot is a family member that can give no voice to her pains or discomforts - it is up to me, as the responsible guardian, to get her the help she needs as soon as I realise she needs it.

    I imagine you are probably now beating yourself up with if's buts and maybes, but you cannot undo what is done, so now it is up to you to make the best decision possible for your dog, not for you. Listen to your Vet, and be open with them about what you can afford and how often you can afford it.

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