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Thread: what would you do if you cannot afford vet surgery bill?

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    I went through that agony. The first lump, which on biopsy did prove to be cancerous. I paid the money and had it removed, but it had spread. I also paid for the second surgery, but then it reappeared in another location. Then I realised that my dog was undergoing surgery that would only prolong her life, would not save her. That is when I chose to have her PTS. She was 11 at the time, and had been very well loved, very well cared for. It was the only option for her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cavalierqld View Post
    Is that a no no of the forum world?
    Could it become a legal issue?
    Both the poster and the forum owner could be sued for defamation. Truth is a defence but the onus would be on the poster/forum owner to prove its true which could be very difficult. Also the cost of defending a defamation suit would make the vet bills look tiny

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    Thank you mymatejack,

    EEEKKKKK, we wont go there then!
    The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
    Mohandas Gandhi

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    Basically Pinkest said exactly what I wanted to.

    You have left it for 12 months, what may have been a quick easy fix 12 months ago might mean your dogs life now. You took on the responsibility of owning a pet, you should have had it at the vet 12 months ago, head in sand will not get you anywhere.

    Go to the vet asap, get her/his opinion on what it is and then have the necessary financial/life expectancy/quality of life conversation if it is required.

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    I would def go get it checked and then take it from there..
    It really could be nothing to worry about..
    Then if it is serious, ask the vet for a payment plan..

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    the problem is the longer you leave things the more expensive they become - a small lump which is now a large lump on a breast could now have spread further. You need to worry first about your animals health and deal with the cost when the quote comes through.

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    Can we have a "GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE DOWNRIGHT UGLY" of the vet world thread name and shame or promote the good and compassionate and not so good vets including, the area there in?
    You can name your favourites, but no outing the bad ones in the open forum. If someone sends you a private message and you choose to let them know in a private message - that's ok but if you want to publish, don't do it at this website.

    It is a legal issue - it's called defamation - and you have to be able to prove the person in question did what you said - to get out of it. And legally proving something, is not the same as knowing it to be true. Forum rules say - no engaging in or promoting illegal activites.

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    My mums mini foxie got very sick in the last year she was alive, my mum spent over $6000 on tests to find out what was wrong, we were going to the vet weekly for tests. She ended up having liver cancer and because of her age (15) the vet recommend no surgery and just to keep her happy and as painless as possible.

    I went on holidays overseas and my mum said as soon as i left she went downhill and wouldn't eat a thing and that she just looked so sad and unhappy, my mum decided to put her to sleep so she wasn't in any pain. Im still very upset that i didn't get to say goodbye but i wouldn't have wanted her to be in pain just waiting for me to come home.

    Its sooo hard when you love your pets sooo much but may not be able to afford the treatment. Maybe your vet can work out some type of payment plan?

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    Great thread and some excellent posts.

    I have been in a very similar situation.

    My dog got ill and we spent a couple of thousand at the vet on him over 2 or 3 months. A couple months later something cropped up that was what the previous issues had been pointing too except now it was serious.

    I had been going to that vet for 10 years and was still paying off the previous stuff and they refused to allow me to pay off anymore. They didnt offer any other solutions though and essentially forced us to decide what we wanted to do.

    We made the only decision we could at the time (we were oth young, we had a small child and were both studying) and that was to ease his pain and PTS. 2 days later, we received a deposit that would have enabled us to have sorted it for him.

    It was partially the vet though and I did take it further but it got nowhere. Anyway, we changed vets after that and ever since then our vets have been primo. Including an awesome one, though have yet to find one in Bisbane, just using the one down the road right now.

    I sometimes have a terrible feeling of guilt about it to be honest. Thats not the decision we wanted to make, we absolutely adored him, but we literally were in the negative in our bank account and didnt have anyone to help us. What is so guilty is, the decision had to be made on purely a monetary basis.

    I also PTS chev before I was ready, but the difference was, she was going to die regardless of the treatment or not and the decision was made for her based on quality of life not money.

    I would never make another decision based on money again and have started a savings account just for my dogs so it never has to be an issue.

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    I think there are lots of "depends" in the original question (age and condition of animal, family circumstance etc)

    Our dog is guestimated to be 8 yrs (via rescue with no known DOB), he has lost an eye and has a dodgy rear knee.
    Hes a great and much loved family pet.
    I am a nurse and have nursed way too many people through endless chemo, bone marrow trasplants etc etc watching them suffer for very questionable extra quantity of life (of course the happy lucky ones who make it also- often with some sort of disability post treatments). I dont meen to offend anyone or trigger anyone who has the terrible misfortune of getting cancer themselves or watching a loved one go through it. I am just talking about a nurses pragmatic view.

    We are quite clear here that QUALITY is way more important than QUANTITY and we would not treat pets for cancer, major trauma post car accident etc. The grey zone for us would be cruciate ligaments etc.

    I would investigate the lump, treat if quick and easy and financially able. Otherwise ensure pet is kept very happy and painfree, when thats no longer working PTS.

    Its also ok for children to watch a pet die "a good death" (surrounded by loved ones and pain free). Death is part of the cycle of life. I really enjoy looking after pts who are dying- it can be quite an honour.
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