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    Hi i am new to this site. Just wondering if anyone out there has some tips on stopping excessive barking. My border collie x jack Russell just wont stop barking! Even when we go on long walks he will start barking when we get home, will bark at our other dog, barks when we play ball even barks when we let him out during the night to go to the toilet!. We have received nasty letters from upset neighbours due to his constant barking. I love him, but if it continues i think i will have to consider finding him a new home preferably on a farm where he will not annoy anyone. HELP!!

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    What do you do when he barks?

    Do you scold him - because that's joining in by his pack - so encourages him to bark more.

    Do you still throw the ball for him? - he figures if I bark - you throw the ball for me... so he barks more...

    Does he pull as well as barking?

    Do you supervise (stay out with him) when you let him out for toilet? What do you do when he barks - what is he barking at (mice, rats, crickets, neighbours, cats, possums?) can you keep him away from these things eg keep him on lead when he's going to the toilet.

    Have you taught him to bark on command - because that means he will be less likely to be giving away freebees. And you can pay the quiet bit when he's taking a breath - and teach "quiet".

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    Time should be spent training you dogs not to bark. Probably best to do it one at a time to start with. Try using the 'stop - quiet' commands and when the dogs stops barking then praise the appropriate behaviour with a treat. The command should be given clearly with a firm tone and your dog will quickly learn to stop barking on the command 'quiet'.

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