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    A boxer/beagle cross has got to be the bad end of the stick as far as food demons go! Boxers will inhale their food, and keep eating until they literally make themselves sick - so will Beagles. So once you have his appetite and weight stabilised, please be careful with him wolfing down food, as this is a trigger for bloat (Boxers are a prone brred, sue to their deep chest)

    Also, you should be able to feel a Boxers ribs esily through their coat - so yes, they will look slightly underweight. You say your guy is about 9 months old and weighs about 27kg? Depending on his height, that sounds not too bad. Rosie is 31 kg at full size. She is very big for a female (has a massive chest and shoulders). If your guy has thrown more to Boxer build than Beagle, then he should be at least 450mm to the withers at 9 months with normal growth, but as he's a rescue, and a mix, then he may have stunted growth, and the Beagle is shorter build as well.

    Rice and vegies are good for upset tummies, but not weight gain. Raw protein and unrendered fat, plus a good quality (NOT corn-based) dry food is what I would start adding into his diet. Remember, a Boxer will not know it's full, and will keep asking for food so long as you keep giving, so a structured eating plan is key too. And a Beagle will eat anything {ANYTHING!!} that smells good.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oskar's mum View Post
    Dunno about carrots, they don't seem to break down in their poos. We were putting veges in Oskar's dinner for a little while there, and when he pood, there was just big chunks of carrot.
    I noticed the same thing with Sammy.

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