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Thread: Weird behaviours explained?

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    eww yea thats gross.

    My OH will share a spoon with the dogs which I find quite repulsive.

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    I hate the licking. My last dog wasn't much of a licker. And I taught her "don't lick" quite easily. I used to sometimes ask her for a kiss and then she'd give me one quick lick on the chin.

    But Banjo! It's like she tries to lick your skin off. Sometimes it scrapes because she really presses her tongue down. I hate it! But I had to accept that she just is a licky dog and it is unlikely that I will ever be able to teach her to surpress that urge. So I compromised. I will allow her to lick my hand - until I've had enough and push or send her away - but not my face.

    And I had to do some stern talking to my daughter about not inviting the dog to lick her bum. Eeeew! She thinks it's funny because it tickles. Kids are grosser than dogs, I tell you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 99bottles View Post
    Here is a picture of Sammy being a bit cheeky. Sometimes when I get out of the shower in the mornings, I find him sprawled on my bed. Now I'm a bad owner, and often do have him up on the bed for hug time, but it's strictly by invitation only. So Sammy expects to be kicked off - but he has also learned that if he can just look cute enough, he can sometimes get a hug instead.
    This was his effort the other day.

    Attachment 8199

    It proved to be successful.
    YAYYYYYYYYY, pictures, Oh, hes gorgeous and certainly looks fit for all his mountain and hiking adventures with mum, how old is he?
    The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
    Mohandas Gandhi

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