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Thread: how to help a dog cope with death of another one?

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    :/ what??

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    Do you mean what to me? All dogs can be individuals, but Beagles are infamous for being wanderers. At one point, I believe they were officially the worst for wandering by some council records. Very goodnatured but obsessed with following their noses and then forgetting to go home. BCs are so active, intelligent, wanting to DO things and if you don't keep them busy or deliriously happy on the couch, you'll more than likely have bad habits popping up, like looking for company, etc. I think kelpies are most desperate to be busy and I think bcs would be next. I think a decade or more ago, there was an infamous beagle, the sweetest boy, who had racked up THOUSANDS in fines, picked up and held by the council dogcatchers.

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    I do realise what both breeds are like, I'm not doing an impulse buy!

    The puppy will have company all day because he will be with my other dog.
    At the moment my other dog wouldnt even be outside by herself for 4 hours a day, I currently don't work and even if I did it wouldn't be full time.

    I know they need to be exercised a lot and have a lot of things to do. Training will start as soon as I get the puppy if I choose to get one. The puppy will go to obedience school every second week and I will train it at home also. Please don't tell me that beagles don't come back because there have been people who have trained there dog to come back. A person I know have a beagle x staghound and she comes back when called and he hasn't put much effort or time into training her.

    The people I know with beagles and border collies their dogs do not escape, in our town the only dogs you see wandering by themselves are labradors and staffys

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    I've seen beagles off leash at the dog beach where we take Oskar, I have heard that they are ruled by their noses, being used for fox hunting and all, but I suppose how they are raised and trained has a lot to do with it. Same as huskies, I have seen plenty happy enough staying near their owners off leash.

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