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Thread: Collars with integrated leads (and harnasses)

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    Aww Frosty is a cutie and yes I think I do remember her, I thought she was attractive at the time. Zoe is not a social butterfly like Sammy but she is slowly realising that she can have fun with other dogs the way she does with Sammy (it's like for a while there she thought Sammy was the only dog in the world).

    The damn clip fell off the backpack and unfortunately I can't see anyway to repair it. We didn't actually buy it from K9pro though, got it from a NZ website before I knew K9pro existed - it's the same brand as they sell though and I plan to buy another of the same. Was probably our fault, since his agility classes Sammy is big on taking the road less traveled, and he can be carrying 15kg (which was as heavy as we could get the backpack) and not seem to notice. I was using the backpack to try and tire him out some but honestly he forgets it's there and just bashes it against everything and can still 'outromp' all the other dogs :s I love their stuff though, about to buy the premium leather harness for Sammy and 2 of the premium leather collars (one for him and Zoe). The harness will be for training in drive - he broke his old leather collar by pulling so hard when he was being agitated so I think a harness is the way forward... Good thing I'm starting a new job and being paid out for all of my holiday leave - this stuff is not cheap.

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    I reckon any saddlery like Les Mattens on Duthy Street or Saddleworld on Magill Road (Just before/west/city side Stephens Terrace) would be able to stitch a new d ring on with some more webbing.

    There is a balance between the product being so strong that the dog rips apart when it gets stuck on something, or the pack rips apart. With Horse rugs - most owners prefer the rug breaks than the horse.

    I think I read in that other forum that making a dog strong and fitter doesn't always get you the control you want. More actual training to do random drops when you ask or recalls and stuff that makes his brain work, might tire him out more. I know Frosty is almost as tired from a half hour intense training session (which only happens at club and not every session) than from 2 hours of walking.

    Beach zoomies and swimming are the best tho. Until she or the other dog skittles someone.

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    Oh we do both. Sammy does at least 20 mins of training every day and speaks a crazy amount of english these days, but he is just naturally very active - his mother is the same. I mean, we go for these walks because we are active people and love the outdoors - we bought a dog that would want to do that and would motivate us to push ourselves further. Sammy just does more than what we do because he is just a very active dog - so as we're walking along he might have run up and down the surrounding hillside a couple of times, jumped over a few logs etc. He's perfect now though. If we miss a walk one day, or can only do limited outdoor activity because of rain or whatever, he just sleeps all day next to me. When he was under 12 months it was a different story - it's only with age that he has come to understand the value of sleeping in and/or lazy days lol. It's when he's out, and he's been allowed off-leash well that's his time and he was bred to be able to work all day so he goes for it. There are days when I feel like exercising all day, exploring mountains or whatever and I would be very disappointed if my dog wasn't as keen (preferably keener) than me to do this.
    It was actually the plastic buckle part on the pack that snapped, the material was good but yeah I don't think the bag was bad quality at all, I don't think it could really be any tougher. We probably put too much in it but we just loved the idea of being able to go hiking and not having to carry our supplies and since Sammy didn't seem to notice, we tried to stash everything in there. It was strained, he bashed it through some bushes - he could still wear it (like it won't fall off) but it wouldn't sit straight so I don't let him.
    There are upsides. According to the vet he has an exceptional set of lungs and heart, when he sleeps his heart almost seems to stop and according to the vet if we can maintain this he should live for a very long time (I'm hoping for 20+ years lol). We're not really doing the fitness work for control, although I believe both he and I (and my partner) are addicted to the endorphins from exercise and are happier and more productive when we've worked to get our heart rate up for a bit, but the exercise is predominantly for fun. We're not doing laps on a field, we're going on adventures

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