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Thread: Puppy play date- Melb VIC Near Melbourne Central (Older dogs welcomed!)

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    Default Puppy play date- Melb VIC Near Melbourne Central (Older dogs welcomed!)

    Hi! Double posting in the adult dog section because I'm hoping to introduce my puppy to older dogs as well. (hope thats allowed?? registered just to post this)

    I have a 9 week old crossbred puppy, received his first vaccination and going to puppy school. Was wondering if anyone would be interested in a puppy play date near Melbourne Central? I have found a grass spot which I think not many people/dogs go to, so chances of catching a virus should be quite low. My puppy is really friendly and I want to get him some doggy friends at this early age.

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    Welcome to the Forum Ann21

    I deleted the other thread because one on the subject is generally enough. Most of us use the "New posts" link and two of the same thing isn't needed.

    Are you going to puppy pre-school? Cos that can be a good way to meet new dogs in a relatively safe envirionment. Your vet or breeder should be able to advise or the AWL or RSPCA also. As can going to some obedience dog clubs - before their classes start. Most obedience dog clubs require their members to show proof of vaccination or equivalent each year and if their grounds are open to members only then the chance of meeting an unvaccinated dog are low.

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