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Thread: The shoe test

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    Default The shoe test

    I took off my sandals during our walk yesterday because the grass on the oval was very wet and I hate walking around in wet sandals (and like walking barefoot). I stuffed them in the backpack I was carrying to put my groceries in.

    An hour later I arrived at the pub that I drove my friend to for her birthday dinner. And realised my sandals were not in the car as usual! I went to ask the staff if I would be kicked out but they said it was fine. So I stayed. Barefoot.

    I knew I left the backpack on the kitchen chair and I was sure that Banjo would check it out as it was one of the last things I touched before I left and she cannot resist investigating a bag within reach anyway. So I had written off the sandals.

    When I came home, the backpack was on the loungeroom floor. I found the sandals under it. In one piece!

    This is the first time since we got her that she has not destroyed a piece of shoewear within her reach when she was left alone. Halleluiah!

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    That's excellent Beloz, and they would have had fresh scents on them too ... isn't it great when you're expecting a disaster and it doesn't happen ... good for Banjo

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    lo,l well done banjo.

    I love barefeet too and if I dont have to wear shoes, I dont (I think its quite a kiwi trait). When I took Barney to the vet the other week I was barefoot (though had meant to put shoes on LOL)

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    Nice one Banjo!

    Bernie to this day will 'remove' items secretly and stash them. But does not chew, just stashes them for a rainy day. I once found 5 pairs of those $20 glasses in his kennel. Tea leaf that he is. All fine, not chewed, just stashed.

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    I must be lucky. Sammy will collect a pile of the dirty clothes he can find, my cat sleeps in my dirty clothes basket in the laundry but nothing is ever eaten. It's kind of gross but kind of cute (the kind of thing you would only mention on an online forum full of other dog lovers lol), sometimes when I'm in the shower, I hear my 2 dogs squabbling. So I look out, they're both in the bathroom, and the problem is that there's only one pair of underwear to sleep on. Sammy is quite a large dog, but he tries his best to curl up tiny and fit on the undies and there sure isn't enough to go around for him to share with Zoe. He's fine with her taking his toys off him, even his bones. But not my dirty clothes...

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