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Thread: Show dog questions.

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    fair enough..... but do you really think a government run body would do things better?
    Sometimes Government do and sometimes they don't. They do a very good job on birth, deaths and marriages for humans without restricting who is allowed to have children with whom.

    It could the same for dogs (cats, cattle, sheep, pigs etc). And then they could link up with the LIDA database - and we could get up to date info on genetic problems in certain lines if we wanted.

    Whether or not a government body is good at running something - often has to do with who is working there and how well they're funded and the policies they work with. So if we have crappy corrupt politicians - it tends to cause rot from the top.

    In the USA - I believe they have more than one registry for dogs. Here - we have more than one microchip database - which is good and bad.

    Always it's about finding the balance. Some breed organisations working within the ANKC are doing great. And some aren't. They are just people in the end. And some of them get a bit reluctant to change.

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    comparing ourselves to the usa is a flawed process, they have a giant population comapred to us, 50 odd states etc...... what works for them may not work for us...

    you jsut need to take a look at our roads and hospitals to realise that if this was run by the goverement, there would be limited funding without tax hikes..... why should a non dog owner be slugged with a tax increase for the population of dog owners.....

    i think if we had more than 1 organisation it would become an us vs them scenario, breed standards could vary between the 2 set ups etc....

    like you said, they are jsut people, so why not try and get the right sort of people in there?
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    I love 2 things in this world. Spandex and reyzor... not necessarily in that order.

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