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Thread: Wanted Small Dog owners to attend a discussion about owning a small dog in Melbourne

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post
    I've got mixed feelings about owners who pick their little dogs up.

    I'm all for preventing incidents. But some owners pick up their dog when they don't need to and then talk to it in a way that encourages the bad behaviour.

    And having spent a long time using a bicycle to commute - it's definitely doing whatever it takes to keep the more vulnerable safe whatever it takes. And if that means going up the footpath or riding in the middle of the lane to force a lane change instead of allowing an attempted sneak past when there isn't room - I do it.

    Agree with your post!

    And should probably clarify that Pippi does not get picked up just becuse we walk past another dog. She gets picked up when she could be in danger. Example is a dog off lead who charged us and th eowner had absolutely no control. So Pippi was removed from harms way. I am sure th eother dog was friendly, the owner said he was "ok", unfortunately, my girl is not ok and the instant he was in reach, he would have had her jaws all up in his face. He was bigger and if he had of retaliated she would have been injured so she gets picked up.

    But, if the other dog shes going ape at is on a lead or under control or whatever, then no, she stays on the ground. And there is actually no talking during the process, or patting. She is up, we move away and then shes straight back on the ground.

    But I do agree with you post, its all in the way its done and how oyu speak to them etc etc. I also agree, its about danger and if its real then safety first otherwise leave em.

    What I meant be my first post is a chat with small dog owners about how to avoid them feeling insecure/aggressive etc and not mollycoddling them because they are cute, is a much more appropriate chat than "dont pick them up when they are scared or aggressive"
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    I strongly doubt the market research is for dog training somehow. It's more likely to be about selling something more tangible.

    But I could be wrong.

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