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Thread: Would like your thoughts on Pet Insurance....

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    Hi Cavalierqld

    I didn't read all the PDS in the same sitting.

    I did get mad at PIA for bumping my policy about 60% the first year and another 20% - with less cover this last year. Grr.

    I suspect the cancel at any time - is just a get out clause for them. If they think you're being fraudulent or over-claiming or just a PITA - they can cancel and they don't have to prove you're a problem.

    I think it's a bit like the "Agree or don't install our software" agreements. I quite deliberately don't read those because they always include really stupid things like "all your data belongs to us" and if our software fries your computer or data - we won't help.

    Some clauses in the PDS are probably unenforceable if you took them to court - but they have more money for lawyers than I do. It's not fair but that's how it is.
    My guess is that these pet insurance companies are like all insurance co's, get you in on a certain premium and then bump it up every year. I know thats what they do with my car insurance, even though the car gets less valuable every year, the premium goes up. So i just shop around every couple of years, play them at their own game i reckon

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    that works with cars because they're not all hollards backed. But with the pet insurance - you've got two choices - hollards (rip off), or Al nz doesn't pay what you agreed (another rip off).

    There is a third choice - put 15 grand aside for vet emergencies. Why 15? Because that's the max the insurance companies (Hollards) will pay in any given year anyway. But if you have an emergency - you have to top up the 15 grand yourself.

    Most of the insurance companies are bumping premiums at the moment because they all got caught out by the floods and other disasters and also because of climate change which means more severe storms and droughts (fires) aka more and bigger insurance claims. So we're all paying for that.

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