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Never truer words said ! We seem to get lost in the training to get our pups perfectly well behaved and forget how much fun it is to actually play with them !

Some more links for you:

DIY Tug Toy:


DIY Flirt Pole:


Train your pup to use his fantastic nose !

Hide and Seek:


Riley loves playing this with kids – and he is very good at it ! Bonus – no more whinging kids and they all end up totally pooped – including the pup !



Riley’s latest ‘find toy’ is a manky tea-towel with a knot tied in the middle of it. I change regularly what he has to find – to keep both of us on our toes !

The tea-towel has become a problem one – because it is the only one so far – that he seems to have to make a lap of honour whilst throwing it up in the air and catching it again. Problem is when it lands on the fan blades - result - one very upset pup !

There you are – heaps of fun things to do with your pup – and surprisingly enough – they are all still classed as training your pup !
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Thanks - might go MIA again and when I get back ill post some progress
Well I want him to use the flirt toy whatever you call it :-) so he develop
Muscle and burn energy