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Thread: Microchipping and Rottweiler breeder in VIC

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    Hyacinth i just checked there directory and he doesnt seem to listed on there site. Looking back through my emails, he stated he was told by the VCA that the pedigree papers could not be registered with the dog unless the dog had a microchip number. I provided the number last week.

    Jadielee thanks for the kind words

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tank79 View Post

    For now i wont name and shame. His website does look quite legitimate and i take all of your points as they are quite valid and make sense. What would be the reasoning for a pup to be sold without a microchip? What is the timeline normally for papers to arrive?

    I am giving him a chance to do the right thing.Attachment 8083
    Gorgeous pup

    Microchip Details now needed in Cat/Dog Sale Advertisements - Department of Primary Industries
    Please read this. It states that all animals prior to sale must have a microchip number and that there are penalties for not complying.

    Yes, these laws did come in recently, however, as responsible breeder this should have been organised prior to the pups leaving.
    If he is part of a breeding organisation then he should be following their code of ethics, which would have been in place a lot longer.

    If his papers clearly state that they come with a microchip then this can be used against him to make him pay.
    How early in the pregnancy did you contact the breeder. Generally the rule of thumb is first come, first serve, therefore if he is a reputable breeder all he would've had interest prior to any pups being conceived.

    If it's not a major concern to you, then don't stress over it and get on with your life with your beautiful boy. If it is (which it would be to me), I'd contact him via phone and email and threaten legal action if he doesn't pay, at least for the microchip.

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    When you get a puppy from a breeder apart from microchip and first vaccinations does he provide you with pedigree too as he should?
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    As best I can tell - he should not have let you take the puppy without first microchipping and registering with VCA.

    And puppies 8 weeks and older are supposed to be listed with their microchip numbers. They're not supposed to be sold or rehomed before they are 8 weeks old.

    If he's selling the puppies not giving them away - he's a commercial breeder.

    But I would ring dogs vic and see if he exists there at all and what they say about microchips. Ie saying he's waiting for you to provide the microchip number when he was supposed to do that - is a bit wrong.

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    I will be getting in touch with the breeder on Monday and let you know how it all goes. Do the pedigree papers normally take this long? or are they given at the time of sale?

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    Were the parents screened for health and hip/elbow issues? That would be my biggest concern and would also show straight away whether he's anything like a responsible breeder. I assume due to their size rotties would be candidates for hip and elbow problems?

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    Yep they are.

    I dont understand though, this issue is all about a microchip?

    At the end of the day, if the kennel club pedigree papers come through, I wouldnt be worried. Its just a microchip. If the papers dont come through then I would be worried that youve been ripped off.

    And like mmj says, my main concern would be health checks with a breed like that.

    I also agree with vet, pup does seem a bit small but in the scheme of things that means nothing. He could just be a slow starter. He is yummy though!

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    I had my pup over a month before the pedigree papers arrived. VCA can be very slow.

    I'm a little unfamiliar with VCA rules in regards to microchipping, I haven't bought a new pup for 2 years now and things may have changed. My pup didn't come with a microchip, but at the time it was not a requirement.

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    .....I have bought several registered puppies and have looked over quite a few for clients.........

    All the puppies come with their vet certificate and their microchipping forms for transferring and to have when you register the pup with your council. Some like my own, even come with the registration papers (signed by Breeder) and we had to transfer them, by sending them to Dog NSW.

    I am always suspect of people who do not hand over the correct paperwork promptly. I know Dogs Vic or NSW can sometimes have some hiccup, but not that long.

    The microchipping and vet's cert should have definitely been with the puppy, no if's or but's about that.

    Your puppy does look a little small and rangy, but i am no Rottie expert, he could be from a different line. But my friend does breed Rottie's and her pups are like little tanks.

    I would contact Dogs Victoria and again ask for a written please explain regarding the microchipping and lack of paperwork. I know that all puppies that are advertised in the newspaper for sale in Victoria have to have their microchip number in the ad.........I have seen that in our local newspaper, we live on the NSW/Vic Border

    Good luck, we all live and learn.......
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