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Thread: Camping with Dogs (Victoria)

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    Default Camping with Dogs (Victoria)

    Hi all!
    Just wondering if anyone can recommend any good camping sites (bush camping or established campsites) around Victoria. I've stayed at some great places (like bestfriends down in Yarram) but they book out quite quickly and I thought someone may have some good ideas they wouldn't mind sharing! I was thinking of heading up around the Murray but anywhere out of the way would be great.
    thanks in advance!

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    I don't have any answers for you but I too would be very interested to hear of some

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    Have you looked at Welcome to OzCamps

    They have symbols to indicate if it is dog friendly.

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    Thanks for that link Beloz; I hadn't heard of it before but it looks good!
    Tessalyon: I was googling and found this place which looks quite good - lots of space (they take horses so there's got to be enough room for dogs!) Welcome to Wakiti Creek Resort

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    Police Paddocks near Rutheglen is great and costs nothing.......There are also many stock reserves on the NSW side of the River and on many you are allowed to camp as long as you take out everything you brought in...many have no toilet or rubbish facilities, but are beautiful.
    We spend many days at all of these Reserves. We live in the Howlong/Corowa area.
    Pets are forever

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    Doctors Creek camp ground just outside of Jamieson, south of Mansfield. You have fences and a river as the boundary, pretty quiet outside of peak tourist season (we went june/july but we were hunting in the forests nearby too) If you don't own an axe or chainsaw though you will have trouble with timber, we went up the road and chopped up some fallen gums as there is slim pickings at the grounds for wood. Plenty of fallen trees about you can chop

    you have a big clear camp ground, drop toilet, no running water through you have to bring drinking water, parking and big fire pits available.

    young sambar deer hiding in the bushes across the river from camp. The whole family would come into the campsite at night and wallow/call. The stag came to investigate the car one night while the rottie was asleep in there poor dog got a bit of a fright.

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    thanks everyone; I spent days on google but was going around in I have too many to choose from! that place sounds lovely Newfsie. Nekhbet - thanks for putting up your pics; looks pretty relaxing there...all I need is for it to stop raining now..I think it started as soon as I started planning a camping trip!

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    Try O'Briens Crossing in Wombat State forest. 1.5 hrs from Melbourne CBD. No facilities, just 500 acres of bush. Bliss

    Also, can people recommend and describe where the camp sites are, as there are loads you can take a dog to, you just wouldnt want to.

    Id be looking for not sharing the camp site with others, having my dogs off leash, being in nature, as opposed to shower/toilet facilities.

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    Default FANTASTIC camp spot, close to Melbourne

    I just spent fantastic 2 nights at Rubicon State Forest, about 15k from Eildon. It's roughly
    2 hrs drive from Melbourne, via the Maroondah Hwy.


    There are 3 campgrounds there. The 1st one was the best I thought. There is a "river walk"
    you can do, up to the next camp - a great adventure trail for both you and your dog. Flat
    and easy - there's even a tree fern forest along the way and lots of shady glens, babbling
    brooks - a real paradise.

    Camping is on grass (great if it's been wet), a bit back from the river (which is stunning).
    2 bush toilets no showers or water, so pretty primitive - but totally worth it. Mid-week you
    will probably have the place to yourself, as I did. Site is well off road and several wire
    fences offer a "mental enclosure", to stop the dogs wandering tooo far.

    Sheer joy watching them soak up all the new, strange, never-before-smelt scents, chasing
    butterflies, and so excited to be discovering all the brand new scents, sights and sounds.

    I have just bought a Toyota HiTop campervan and am thinking of offering private rentals to
    other dog-lovers. The rental companies (Britz, Apollo, Maui, etc.) don't allow pets. Van sleeps
    2, has sink, water, power, gas stove etc. Plus I've added a small "dog yard" so I can leave the
    doors open without worrying about dogs running off.

    What do people think? Would such a van appeal to others - for a dog-friendly camping holiday?
    I also have books, maps, etc on all dog friendly caravan parks and camp-sites in Vic.
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    Smithmoir, personally, i think its great idea for those with smaller dogs. Not so great on the larger ones perhaps. As my dog doesnt fit in my mother in law's camper.

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