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Thread: Camping with Dogs (Victoria)

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    smithmoir - you might want to check out the cost of liability insurance if you decide to go commercial ie rent out for money your camper.

    I have a landcruiser 100 series with the back modified to take all my camping gear, dog goes on back seat with a harness - and it's great. Not so much fun in hot humid wet places. Crate is great for places that are a bit thingy about dogs, otherwise she's happy to sleep in the tent with me.

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    Hi All,
    on the recommendation here, i went to Rubicon to do the camping.

    Whilst it is a off leash area, there are clear signs that warn of Dog Traps set to catch wild dogs.

    Fine if you are the type that takes your dog to national forrest and keeps it chained up or on leash at ALL times.
    This might be just a seasonal thing? Im not sure, im english, we dont kill dogs so ive no idea how this sorta thing works in Victoria State Forrests and dont want to think too much either.

    Be careful campers.

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