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Thread: first time dog owner

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    hi thankyou for the warm welcome here is a better pic of her

    now the problems i have found out is she has only had her 1st shots and she is 4 months old so she goes tomorow to get the rest of her shots she had no toys but she does now i had to get her a new collar as she was wearing a cat collar the food was wrong for her as she was on adult dog food and she is just a pup so i got some puppy food

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    Well Tilly had her shots today they are all up to date now. She was so good but a bit squirmy and did not want to sit still. They took her weight and weighs 8.5 pounds. The vet told me she is a jack Russell terrier x. He gave me a cooler bag for her with a bowl that folds down so I can take water with me on her walks.

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    Thank you for the update Allen

    I made a new friend at the hockey oval last year, because she'd rescued a JRT x, and she started bringing him to dog club for obedience and agility... they are both loving it, and all that training and interaction with other dogs is doing wonders for his self confidence. He no longer feels the need to attack first, questions later.

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