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Thread: DNA-testing

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    I havn't had it done yet. so i can't answer your questions
    but my vet did say to me it's a waist of money. for me
    so at the moment i'm sitting on it. they were the prices he gave me as
    i was looking in to it and advised me
    to wait till he finshed growing. because he wasn't going to get any taller
    than he is ( no bullmastiff )
    sorry i couldn't answer.

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    Thank you for all that info. 4 socks
    Do you think you'd get better results going throught the vet then bitsa?
    PS. NJ looks alot like my girl Misi.

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    as for your question i can't say
    but for me... if i choose to do the test i will go
    through my vet. thats me.
    i love the pic of your dogs on the lounge.
    dose anyone move the dogs to get the best seat?. i love that!!!!

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    That was quick he, he...thanks 4s!
    Ha, Ha Yes people manage to get them off the sofa but end up wearing them eg. on their backs and shoulders.....but seriously,thank you- that's one of my favourite pics of the girls. Lola's still a pup and I was so scared that they wouldn't get along....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beau View Post
    I wouldnt waste your money Magdalena. Even a purebreed pedigree dog was tested as a test to see what would happen, and it too came back as cross breed.
    It is a money spinner through and through. but if you want something to say your dog is this and that because thats what the DNA says then go for it.
    Well i'd hazard a guess that the "purebred" dog wasn't so pure then.

    Being a scientist who uses these tests day in and day out for ecological work, i can assure you that this sort of testing is VERY accurate. of course, it depends on the genetic markers the particular company has built up. as was mentioned earlier in this thread, pick one that has markers for many different breeds, and that will increase the accuracy.

    the only time inaccuracies will show is if A: the sample is contaminated... if i tested my German Shep X, i would almost put money on the fact i'd get some malamute in there considering how much these two share.

    and B: if another breed the company hasn't tested before shares the same marker as one of their "known" breeds.

    but if they were testing a pure bred dog as in your example, and they had already developed markers for that dog, and found other markers in there, either it's a contaminated sample (did they own the same breed as the other part of the "cross?") or the dog has something else in it.

    personally i couldn't care whether my Mal is pure or not, she's not going to be a show dog or be bred from.

    be interested to see if my German shep X Rotti has any interesting secrets tho.

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    That's interesting ktime70
    Thanks for your input

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bronx View Post
    yes just placed the order for the Bitsa Kit, photo of Darla as a pup she is now 9 months old and weighs over 30kg
    We got our results back from the BITSA kit and it was a waste of money with the result being that a grandparent was a bullmastiff and no mention of any other breed or anythig about the parents

    We have sent an email requesting more details in case there was an error

    any way had to ask
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    Oh no! Sorry Bronx
    Bit strange that they included the grandparents only...

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    Same happened with Mimi's - only grandparents were mentioned and only one breed English Buldog!!!! Very disappointing.

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    We chased them up again for more info and after two weeks, they came back that one of the parents has American Staffy and they couldn't give us any more details as they didnt have every breed DNA in the data base.

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