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Thread: Is this behaviour being aggressive

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    I guess all I can say Meredith, is that if you feel that upset by some perceived criticism from a bunch of strangers, you must feel very insecure about this issue. I don't think you are doing anything wrong with your dog - and we all make little mistakes anyway - but I think it is you who need to convince yourself of that. Who cares what anyone else thinks or says? You need to feel confident that what you are doing is right for your dog and you and that is the only thing that matters here.

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    I am surprised...i thought we just said that it wasn't really about your dog at all, just some generalization....i for one would hate to upset someone. And if I can help by saying I am sorry I caused an upset, I truly do mean it. I am sorry...........
    We only ever discuss dogs here in the general form, we do not even know your dog or you and it is not personal at all. Some people might even read it and think it is all about their dog.

    It is sad you are so upset
    Pets are forever

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    IOm gonna say it....Harden up Meredith ffs.

    Nobody said you dog wasnt a sweety. My girl Pippi is the sweetest most adorable little thing ever....but I cant take her to the dog park. Oh no it's the end of the world....

    I think you are misinterpreting what everyone is saying, and overreacting. I dont see anything in this thread that would cause someone to cry all day.

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