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Thread: Neighbour Vent (lonngggg)

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    Agree get all the hood and confront this old bag "sorry for the term" tell her that she needs to stop complaining cause it is irritating and totally non sense.
    She needs to know that she is over reacting and it is annoying everyone.

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    Firstly don't rise to the bait, people like this enjoy seeing your misery.

    I don't know what state your in but here in NSW I understood 3 separate complaints had to be lodged against barking dogs before the council does anything serious.

    If you know what time her walks are I'd be sitting there ready to wave hello, with a camera or video in my hands, implying that you will video what happens.

    And yep I'd speak to the other neighbours and see how they feel just in case you need their support if a situation arises.

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    As Newf has said :- write down every incident and threat, get neighbours to sign if they are willing.
    Send copies to local police, council, your lawyers. Inform the old b#tch in writing that her antics have been reported to authorities.
    This is harrassment, I would like to come and sit on your front step with a bloody shotgun (which I fortunately do not have!)

    Here is a thought and not too expensive:-
    OzSpy Security Solutions and Surveillance Equipment - Dummy Cameras

    Make it clear that SHE is being watched.

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    Agree with previous comments about keeping all records of incidents with her including incidents that involve your neighbours as well.

    Walk out when she is walking past the house to stir up the dogs and take a video camera or phone with video with you and just start recording her and letting her know that you are in fact recording her.

    Keep all letters or any correspondence she sends you and ask your neighbours to do the same thing.

    What she is doing is harassment and if you keep all of the above then if need be you can have her charged.

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    Yeah we have all complained but since shes been there forever (probably since the first fish grew legs) the council seem to have a soft spot for her.
    I no longer live there and neither does my dog so hopefully she crawls back into her hole. Unfortunately moving isnt so easy for them, its my family home, they've raised myself and my two sisters there and have been there for 24 years. I doubt they could move.

    We'll see I going to take a letter around tomorrow, I have complained to the council about her walking on the fenceline but as the 'verge' is public property they dont see it as a problem, sigh.

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    WHAT A B*tch
    Have u got an i phone ?
    hit record on it n put it in your pocket so u can record what she says
    to you..

    I hate people that do that ....Old Bag..

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    I agree with some of what the others have said.

    She doesn't have a right to harass you or abuse you, but she probably does have a right to walk next to the fence if that's public property. So you may have to manage your dogs so they are trained to ignore her, or go back inside the house.

    There are a number of crazy people (people with mental problems), who threaten to put ratsack over the fence in my suburb, so when I'm out, my dog is locked inside the house. I tried trusting her out the front a couple of times, but while sometimes it's ok, mostly she wants to visit all my neighbours who she thinks are her friends (some are, some aren't but she doesn't discriminate). And for some reason she thinks bicycles are not allowed to ride past my house. Anywhere else they're fine, but the front fence and street is not ok with her.

    So if I have her out the front, I have her secured so she can't do anything naughty. Prevention is important. Fixing it later may be too late. And I don't want to risk my dog under the wheel of a car or worse.

    Definitely have a book and keep records - date, time, location, description of incident. Include actual words if possible, especially any kind of abuse or threats.

    Do phone the police and ask them for advice on what you can do and what is and isn't allowed, legally by the old bat and by yourselves. She may be well known to them already. And they may just need evidence to deal with the problem. A restraining order may be possible - to keep her away from your house and fence, if she has threatened you or your family with violence. If she is renting, you may be able to complain to the landlord as tenants are not allowed to disturb or harass neighbours.

    And maybe get the neighbours down the road to give the threatening notes to you instead of destroying them, as there goes their best chance of getting a restraining order too. If everyone keeps a record - that will help the police get a conviction or you get a restraining order. And then the old bat can move to jail where the only barking dogs are the ones doing drug searches.

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    It always interests me how some people age. I have 2 very elderly (80ish) gentlemen in my little street. One is a bloody champion, helps everyone when he can and eveyone else keeps an eye on him and helps him out as well. If i'm driving into town i'll ask if he wants to come for a spin or if he wants me to pick him up somthing (usually beer). He flirts with all the females in the street and they all love everyone a good laugh and you can see it makes his day.

    The other bloke is a cranky old bastard who goes out of his way to make everyones life miserable.Sounds very similar to your neighbour Lexie. He was very sick recently and if it wasnt for another neighbour and myself he would have died for sure and my wife even missed a days work to help him out even though he has only ever given us grief. While he did thank us and gave the wife some choclates he has continued to be rude old prick to everyone else. He will die sad but he has only himself to blame.

    Watching these 2 old fellas has convinced me to make sure i grow old and enjoy myself with the company of good friends and it always amazes me what old men can say and do to good looking young women without getting in trouble. I guess i want to become a friendly but still dirty old man LOL....

    Lexie i dont blame ya for revenge, i've gone down that path before and it is satisfying if ya do it properly. Just dont get caught as someone like this will surely get you in trouble with the police even if it's not really warranted.
    Dead fish/prawns, phones, round up type poison's, Condies crystals in swimming pools, interupting sleep constantly etc. etc. there are a million ways, just make sure it's nt going to hurt anyone and keep them guessing the whole time. It'll do thier head in. Sounds harsh but bugger it, if they are causing you and your family grief for no reason then they deserve it in my opinion.

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    if all else fails got to plan b put a pretty box of cow shit on there door step when shes a sleep themn wake up befor her and just before she
    opens the box your walking past with your dogs with a good vule of her face but try not to laugh or you will give it away lol
    If you are reading this then you're doing just fine as to
    I'm not going to tell ya I lost the ' , . ? ! " Keys to my head
    No grammar no problem I don't know how to fly it any way Bye

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