I took Banjo to the place I used to take Luna to regularly when it wasn't too hot to chase rabbits. Some days you can see dozens of them running all over the place. It's not really 'the bush' as it's a hill close to the city centre. But it's natural forest and I very rarely meet anyone else there.

3 minutes into our walk we surprised a wallaby. He bounced off across the path right in front of us. Six months of recall training culminated in that one glorious split second when Banjo turned away from the fleeing wallaby when I called her! Very proud!

But then she had caught on that there was wildlife there and her whole body was tense and she switched all her senses to maximum sensitivity. We saw a few other wallabies and roos - or the most annoying ones where those we could hear but not see. But my "leave" did deter Banjo enough to not go running off to find them. Though it was very hard to get her to look at me and she wasn't interested in accepting treats at all.

And then she finally saw her first bunny racing away through the undergrowth. I allowed her to chase it, she lost it pretty quickly. And then Banjo continued to run and "hop" through the grass in big circles to try flush out more bunnies. She missed a few - I always see way more of them than the dogs do - but at the end of our walk she had two run away from her in different directions. Such fun!

She was panting for ages afterwards. And is now crashed out and I don't expect to see her move much for the rest of the day.