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Thread: Katy-bear has to have a TPLO

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    Thumbs down Katy-bear has to have a TPLO

    We went to our vet today.....he watched her walk and asked if she might allow him to check her out. i put her on her side with "bang" and she just lay there whilst he examined her. She had a positive drawer test, so now he has given me a referral to the number one Ortho vet in Melbourne

    Diagnosis | Surgery - Pet Emergency & Specialist Centre - Animal Emergency, Animal Medicine, Animal Surgery, Veterinary Specialist, - Vet Emergency, Cruciate Ligament, Fracture Repair

    This is where she will be going, it is now just a matter of how and when

    I feel a bit depressed, but Rowan tells me she will most likely be able to return to water training

    So TPLO it is

    Katy was rather pleased with her visit as they gave her a pigs ear for being a good girl, she also has Metacam now........200ml = $190 ....Wow
    Pets are forever

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    What is TPLO?

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    TPLO- tibial plateau leveling osteotomy.

    They cut the tibia and rotate it so that it levels the tibia and prevents the femur from sliding too far, which is the job that the cruciate ligament does. The dog no longer requires the ligament.

    One of my dog has had a bilateral TPLO. The first 8 weeks are critical to the sucess as the bone has to knit together as it is held in place by screws and plates. No slippery surfaces, no jumping onto sofas, make sure the dog cant suddenly race to the door if someone knocks. It is a very tense time but heck I have been through 2 and came out the other end! with a few scares on the way that kept me up all night in a frenzy of worry. The second time was much better as I knew what to expect, I also had a crate second time round.

    The surgery on my dog was very successfull to the extent where we did several years of agility with no problems at all. She is 11 and retired now and still no problems. I give her cartrophen shots and that that is about all.

    Good luck, I know it is hard but there is light at the end of the tunnel. My only piece of advice is be conservative in those first 6-8 weeks.
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    Hugs newfsie. Tough time, but I am sure that in your great care she will come out the other end happy and bouncy.

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    Bugger....i guess it could be worse but still,.. Hope it all goes well and keep us posted please.

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