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Thread: Expressive dog

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lala View Post
    LOL loving these stories.

    Barneys biggest reaction is when someone is in the pool. If I go and float in the middle, he gets well panicky. He comes and puts one foot in the water and starts pulling the water toward himself. Its like he thinks I cant swim...he barks and just looks terrified for me. Soon as I go back and hold on to the side, off he goes.

    But he will run down from way up by the house if I go floating in the middle LOL
    My imagination could see you floating in the water and having my Katy Rescue you.....She does a great dock-jump ( taught to jump of boats)....Would probably miss-judge and land on top of you LOL.......
    Pets are forever

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    LOL Newfsie

    Its th eonly time he goes in the pool area. Even if we leave the gate openn, he wont go down there because he deosnt want to get in LOL

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    When I was a kid we had a Newfie - Katie. She used to drag us out of the lake when we went swimming... It got to be the only time we ever put a lead on her, so we could tie her up and have a swim without being rescued every five minutes!! Poor girl would cry and fret about us being in the water!

    She also used to walk to the butchers shop and sit outside the glass door until he came out and gave her a marrow bone. She'd carry it home before eating it (these were the days that everyone's dogs wandered about, eek!). The other butcher shouted at her once, she never went back there - always walked past the nasty one to the nice one...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beloz View Post
    But what made me nearly pee myself was watching the dog who had this "oh-oh" expression on her face when she looked at my crying daughter and then changed to happy face and tail wagging when she looked at me and kept looking from one to the other with the appropriate expression.
    The image i got in my head from this is hilarious, reminded me of my friends dog, he is so serious and expressive - he always makes me laugh.

    Thanks for sharing

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