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Thread: Dog won't relax! Please help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekhbet View Post
    sounds like he cannot get comfortable. If your dog is that arthritic he may need more medication or somewhere to lie properly.

    That mat on the floor is nowhere good enough for a dog limited to 15 minute walks. He needs something raised a little, very well padded and able to support his entire body and he needs access to it 24/7. If he's not already getting high strength liquid fish oil (the human one) get him some asap and a capful a day with his food. If another vet opinion doesnt work take him to a canine chiropractory ASAP.
    We've bought him a dog bed but he refused to sleep on it. He was scared of it or something. And when I do try to direct him to a mat or soft spot on the ground, he doesn't want to go there and simply sleeps on a random spot on the tiled floor somewhere.

    He's settled down this morning and having a little nap. I will be taking him to another vet today and see what they think.

    Thanks for all the help so far.

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    Keep us up to date as to how it goes at the other vet...........
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    Hey guys, went to the vet yesterday. She couldn't diagnose the problem but said it could be the Arthritis in his hind legs so she prescribed some painkillers for him. I've given him 3 so far, once last night and twice today.

    He still seems to be behaving the same way so far..... But we'll see how he goes for the rest of the week.

    Thanks for the help people. I'll update back in a few days time.

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    Was going to suggest pancreatitis. My aged blue heeler was restless and did not seem to be able to settle.

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    find a good dog chiro then, or call around the greyhound tracks for someone, some manipulation might do him some good.

    As for not lying on the bed, I had to make my dog. Just put a pen around it if he's not used to crates and give him a comfy bed. Hard ground won't be doing him any favours, he could have tried the bed, it hurt, and now he thinks it was the soft bed making the pain ... my bitch convinced herself of the same thing. I just put her in the crate with it, she had a sook for a second and then realised how wonderfull it really is

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    Hi Bensun

    Newfsie may be correct. Did the vet listen to Bobby's heart and chest sounds?

    Also, he does sound very anxious, especially the way he stays with you and seeks attention. Perhaps try some avoidance for a while? Though without knowing the causes, it could also be he's feeling horrid.

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