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Thread: One dog or two?

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    Default One dog or two?

    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before. I tried to go through some threads but couldn't seem to find anything?

    Anyway, I am curious to know how many dogs you all have, the breed, how much exercise each dog gets per day approx, and if they are left outside on their own during the day? I guess most of you know each other pretty well from posting on here for so long but I'm quite new.. (SORRY!!)

    I have a staffy who doesn't seem to cope as I am leaving for work (typical staffy cry at 630am and jumping on the gate). I assume he sleeps during the day. After 6 months of introducing a young rescue female staffy to him, I finally feel okay to let them off lead together while they are supervised but he really doesn't seem too interested in her. She stays at my in laws while I'm not home and they are pretty attached to her (they want to keep her) so she has a forever home no matter what. I just feel bad leaving him on his own when I go to work so I'm just curious if anyone else does this with their dogs?

    Argh, it's just a silly situation. I don't know whether to keep trying with them, keep doing all this training for me to feel comfortable leaving them both together when I'm not home or just to give her up if he's not interested in a furfriend. Oh, and yes, I have done training with my boy about his separation anxiety, he has his good moments and his bad moments... He is slowly getting better.

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    I've only ever had one dog. Often considered getting a second one for company when I'm not home, but never did.

    My dog seems ok when I leave, but I still feel bad when I see her watch me drive away through the gate. I do leave the backdoor open for her. And she does have the cat for company - and they do actually play together regularly!

    If your dog is not interested in the other dog, I doubt it is going to help his anxiety much.

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    I have seven. They are Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound - think tall, hairy greyhoundy sort of dog...). They are outside all together in the days when I am at work (8-10hrs) and may one or two at a time be inside for a while at night. They get walked each day if I have time, if not they don't. I have to wake them to walk them anyway...

    They do run around in the yard, only at night in summer as they don't like the heat. But sometimes in the day during winter when it's cold.

    But Staffords are a bit famous for their propensity to anxiousness. A very different kettle of fish to most sighthounds who would rather sleep than care about anything.

    I hope you can sort your boy out a bit. I have a work mate with two lovely Staffords, he bought the girl to keep the boy company as he was fretting during the day - barking, destroying stuff etc. Now he has two fretters... So when they are really bad he brings them in for a day and they seem to settle again for a while.

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    Oh yes, I walk my dog every day. I try to walk her twice a day but I'll drop the afternoon walk if I'm too busy or tired. But I always walk her before I leave in the morning, rain or shine. Our walks take about 30 mins usually.

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    Story sound eerily familiar lol,

    Molly had the worst separation anxiety from the day i got her (shelter dog) i didn't do much in regards to training it out of her, TBH i had no idea how. As soon as she saw my work bag she would mope and carry on until i walked out the door. I felt very bad especially as i was working split shifts at the time and i couldn't even go home on the break so she was away from me for around 12hours a day. My mum would usually kidnap her as soon as she finished work and i found myself having to do a detour nearly every night from work to pick her up from my mums place lol

    Eventually i told mum to get her own dog as i was sick of fighting her for mine lol, so she adopted Benji (4 year old bichon) and we thought great, a friend for Molly! But Benji had no interest in Molly and we ended back up at square one with a moping dog lol. Anyway mum ended up adopting another called Rexy and it was love at first sight with him and Molly. Now (thank god) she couldn't care less whether i'm around or not, as long as he is around!

    Now they all stay with me during the day as my hours at work have been cut right back. Whilst i am at work they are outdoors, they each get a brisket bone & toy's to play with whilst i am gone as well as access to our swimming pool - they enjoy bathing on the steps (approx 4 hours). When i am at home they are able to wander in and out of the house as they please.

    Exercise consists of a half hour walk 6am in the morning, and we either head to the off-leash area in the afternoon, or go for an hour walk (without little Benji otherwise i endup carrying him lol) sometimes i will take Rex for a bike ride around the block as he is a cattle dog and needs to burn off more steam than the others. Mum usually picks her two up around 6pm and takes them for another walk, so they are very luck in regards to excercise.

    In regards to getting your boy interested in your girl, i don't have any answers. Maybe they just don't connect? has he shown interest in any other dogs at all? He might just enjoy human company (like my mum's bichon) I'm sure there are others who can give you some tips on anxiety training (like leaving the house for a short period, come back then do it again)
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    I have really had multiples most of my adult life but in the beginning I only had Australian terrier who was happy, or seemed like it to be an only dog.
    I do like dogs to have a companion but that is me. I think it depends on the dog, the situation and your gut feel about it.

    When my last blue heeler passed away a few years ago, my BCx a few years before that I was going to not have any more dogs. Kids had left home, I just didn't want it all again.Easier if we wanted to travel etc.
    Famous last words. I now have 4 of the buggers, Dam and 3 litter mates.

    I don't exercise them at all. I am on a farm and have a huge enclosed and hopefully snake proof area for them and they all play chasies etc and wear themselves out then crash inside.
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    I have 7 dogs. 5 Whippets ranging from 5 months to 5 years, a Gordon Setter aged 6 and a Borzoi 18months old.

    They sleep outside, unless there is a bitch in season in which case she will sleep in the crate in our room and every couple of weeks the male whippet will have a night in.

    The Borzoi and the Gordon do not like to sleep in the warm house so always sleep outside.

    I live on acreage but every day I take two or three for a walk so they get walked every second day unless it rains. If it's raining or too cold the Whippets won't go, if it's too hot the Borzoi and the Gordon would rather lay on the kitchen tiles.

    They are allowed in from about midday onwards until we go to bed at night.

    Some of mine interract a lot with each other and others not. The two older Whippet bitches do not acknowledge the Borzoi ever and the Gordon doesn't interract with any of them much. I only work full time during school holidays, the rest of the time I have no pattern.

    All my dogs I've got for myself not to keep each other company and I guess if I was you I'd have to fake leaving and then sneak back in and observe them or ask the neighbours if him having company has made a difference (that's if he cried or barked while you were gone).

    My male whippet is a bit of a racist and didn't welcome the Borzoi when he first arrived at 12 weeks of age and it took two weeks before I left them alone together. But everytime he was relaxed in the Borzoi's company I rewarded him with a treat, he just had to realise he was part of the family and now being the two entire males in the pack spend a lot of time together.
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    I have 2 dogs...always have.,

    A large 40kg lab x type thing, and a tiny 6kg foxy/shih tu x.

    They are together 24/7 unless I want to take one somewhere without the other.

    I am crap at exercising coz I am lazy, so sometimes they might go for a walk everynight of the week, and other times they wont get a walk at all in the week. And sometimes theyll get a bike ride (which they love)

    Like di dee, we have a very large section (though not a farm) which has lots of trees and interestign spots. They do a lot of zoomies together and often tire each other out. (yard is on a big slope so there are "hills" and steps which they LOVE zooming up and down)

    Thats only since we have lived in O though. In NZ, my dogs went to the beach almost every day off lead (we lived across the road) and also the river in the weekends. Those arent really accessible as easily here which sucks...

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    I've got two American Staffordshire terriers, we got Bella as a companion for harley and now they are inseparable! The dogs normally sleep outside (but will be coming in when the OH goes away for work) and are outside while we are at work which is around 8 hours a day. When we are home they are with us inside.

    I'm suppose to walk them every morning. But I don't always. Bella is a little escape artist though so i've got to get back into it to tire her out during the day!

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    I have two dogs, I have a Labrador x SBT, Sunny and a Kelpie x ACD, Serenity. Sunny is a mellow dog and doesn't really need much exercise but I do normally walk him for a hour, each day unless I really can't be bothered. Serenity, I normally walk her for two hours, play stop and play with her, some days I'll bike with her and other time's we will hike. She is a mellow dog but she needs the exercise so I give her as much as I can. If I do things with them together, it all depends on how long I feel like being out for. During the day, they both stay outside but when I'm home, if I'm in my room and I want them with me, they are inside. They both sleep inside. *

    I don't believe ether of my dogs would be upset if they didn't have each ether. I do think they enjoy each ethers company though. Some dogs are fine living alone. You can do things so they can enjoy there time alone. I sometimes consider separating them both so I can give them fun toys through the day. I hate not being able to now but I worry about them fighting over the toys.

    Maybe a friend would help him, maybe you haven't found the right match. I don't think dogs need dog friends so it just depends what you think will help your dogs. Maybe a dog friend won't even help him, maybe you need to try a few other things.

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