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    hi everyone, new here, just looking for some help with my 10 month old border collie x koolie missy.
    she's a pretty good girl, is good sitting and lying down, walking, being around my 2 cats etc, but there is one serious problem, barking!!!
    my house is the original on a divided block and the other house wall is basically the fence, which for some unknown reason missy loves to bark at manically, specifically the air conditioning unit on the wall! I've never actually noticed it being on, so its not a noise or anything, usually when I'm outside with her she won't bark, but i don't know what to do to help control this! i don't know if she does it during the day when I'm at work or not, but as soon as i get home she starts, and in the morning once I'm up and about!
    if anyone has any ideas or can suggest any trainers to speak to about this problem, i would be very appreciative, its getting very hard to live with!

    cheers, dillan

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    This is a very tough one........A working dog in a city environment. They have high energy and some lines are actually bred to have bark in them. It is what some farmers want in a work dog.

    You need to find an out let for this dogs energy, be it full on exercise and some toys. But I find toys are not all great on a dog that wants/needs to work. Lots of exercise is better and maybe some dog sports like agility or fly ball
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    The agility people love dogs like yours, and a really good place to start as far as learning how to train one would be an agility club. Of course you need a good stay and a good recall but some clubs do something called "foundation" which will help with this.

    For this type of dog - I would be looking to take her for a run of at least an hour in the morning and another in the afternoon/evening and you could leave her in a crate inside in between. Just make sure you train her to love being in the crate first. Susan Garrett's DVD crate games - is a great way to learn this - and you could probably borrow a copy from the members of your nearest dog agility club.

    I met quite a few members of this club last time I was in Victoria (first week of feb) you could ask them for help.
    K9 Agility Club, Victoria, Australia.
    They train at KCC park.

    Meanwhile - about the barking.

    If you're scolding your dog when she barks - she will think you are joining in and bark more. Ooh the boss is barking at the A/C too, it must be bad. Bark more.

    I think it best if you give her something else to do - like come here, sit, stay, drop, fetch. Or just go get her and put her where she can't see what she's barking at (stop the fun of barking) and then give her a bunch of other things to do and praise her for doing those. You do have to beware, in the smart dog, that they don't work that the way to get your attention and fun jobs to do, is to bark at the A/C unit first.

    The other thing I do - and my dog likes this - again beware "back chaining" - is use a water pistol or squirty bottle. I don't actually squirt the dog - just nearby enough to distract her and then I call her and give her something else to do. But my dog being a bit of an air head - often forgets what it was she was barking about and stops.

    If you do want some alert barking eg when strangers come to the yard - you still want to check out why the dog is barking - and praise her if it's something you want her to bark at eg the neighbour's cat that likes to fight with yours.

    Think about what you do want your dog to be doing and and focus on getting her to do that. Start short and close by and work up to longer or further away. Sits or drops at a distance are great things to train, start right next to the dog and build up as she works out what the job is. Start when she's hungry with her favourite food.

    Go see some folks at an agility club that knows what "foundation training" is.

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