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Thread: Livamol?

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    Default Livamol?

    So ive seen livamol used for years on horses they love it and do so well on it, was wondering if anyone here gives it to their dogs?

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    Yes, I have. When we had a couple of salukis, showing them for their breeders, one of them was a terrile, terrible eater. Well they both were really...

    I got livamol to help improve their appetite, condition and coat and it was great, worked a treat. I would be wary of long term use because of the sugar content and teeth/diabetes but would always recommend it as a tonic or pick me up.

    I do love feeding seaweed meal for all the same reasons, without the sugar worry. But seaweed meal I would use as a constant, with livamol as a real kick-start to any dog that has had a tough time or isn't eating like it should.

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    i have used livamole when i first get my Rescues and I am like natty and feed seaweed meal every day
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    Yep , me too

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