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Thread: Sammy has hurt his paw :( - and now won't leave it alone, any suggestions?

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    Default Sammy has hurt his paw :( - and now won't leave it alone, any suggestions?

    Well unfortunately on Monday night, Sammy managed to hook his paw on a corrugated iron fence and sliced it open. He didn't actually seem to notice, and continued to run around whilst his foot was spurting blood until finally I think the pain caught up with him. He then brought his paw to me, the way he does when he is being bitten by ants and wants my help and when I saw how deep it was I nearly passed out :s

    Fortunately, it turns out one of my neighbours (the owner of the most handsome GSD I've ever seen) was a nurse, and she was able to help me stop the bleeding and get him to the vet. All good now, he's all bandaged up, and they provided me with one of those bucket collars to stop him from fidgeting with it. But he can take the collar off! I don't know how, and he never does it when I'm around. But when I get home from work, it's off and the bandage is in ruins. Is it possible the puppy is somehow helping him get it off? Thing is, I can't get it off without undoing his collar but when I see it, the collar is still done up, it's just somehow slid over his head. It's very tight now, I have it on a tighter notch than usual (which I couldn't get off without undoing it anyway) but still he's getting it off. And he has a big head - ie way bigger than his neck so I'm at a complete loss.

    At this rate it's never going to heal up and I'm also petrified I'm going to come home to dead dog (even though I have 2 neighbours checking on him hourly). Any suggestions for how I can keep the collar on? Or stop him from eating his bandage? (again something he only does when I'm not around).

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    Maybe put a sock on his bandaged paw and lightly spray it with citronella oil, just enough to get the smell, apparently dogs don't like the smell.

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    I have found that sometimes the only bucket that stays on is the actual old fashioned cut the bottom out of the bucket and make some holes in the bucket to attach the bucket with baling twine to the collar. or cable ties. no dog I know can undo cable ties. Don't panic too much, it will take longest to heel if you cannot get him to leave it alone, but he won't die.
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    Bit of a vent more than anything else, I am feeling really upset about the whole situation at the moment. The paw was healing really well and the vet thought we should be able to take the bandages off this Wednesday (tomorrow). But t'was not to be. I got home last night to a dog who had no bandage on at all - at first I was confused because I was trying to greet him but he was acting all guilty and I didn't know why. Checked the backyard and it looked fine (no tunnels to China etc), so again I called him and finally he got up to come say hello. Well then I saw the blood and realised that the bandage was missing and his super guilty look now made sense.

    He had licked it so much the scab had come off, and he once again has a loose flap of skin, but now it's completely separated from the rest of the foot. So we straight to the vet (because so far this month we've only spent like $2000 there). The good news is it's not infected and the flap is still very much alive. The bad news is we're actually worse off than we were a week ago when the accident happened. So because I didn't want to leave him overnight for surgery and the vet understands my ridiculous attachment to that dog, he said Sammy might be a candidate for having staples done under a local. Well Sammy was a bit of a sook about it, but we got 3 staples in and went on home with a fresh packet of antibiotics.

    2 minutes after we got home, I was just feeding the cat and Sammy has removed some of the bandage - in particular, he has somehow pulled out the special non-stick material that protected the wound from the rest of the bandage. This is after I had quite literally drenched the whole thing in the anti-bite spray too. I don't know what to do now, because I really have to work hard to get him to even let me touch the bandage now (it's obviously painful now - should they have given him some painkillers?), and I can tell there's no way he will let the vet anywhere near it. So now to be re-bandaged, he would need sedation or even a general. But the bandage is still on and has all the other parts, it's just now there is fluffy stuff directly in contact with the wound. Is this something that needs to be rectified, or can I just leave the bandage on and let it heal for a few days so it's not so terribly painful and stressful for him?

    Today he is wearing a "collar of shame" so he can't touch it, and I have separated the dogs so that Zoe can't have a go at it either. I just hope she doesn't manage to get through to him, as like her mother before her, she is proving to be an amazing escape artist

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