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Thread: Potential consequences of that "free to good home" ad.

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    Agree Ven.

    And I wouldn't eat dog either. Or monkey. Or dolphin. And probably a few others. But I don't judge people who do.

    I still remember my mum stopped cooking rabbit stew after she bought me some pet rabbits. We never talked about it, but I wish I had told her that my attachment to our pet rabbits would not stop me from eating rabbit meat. She made a great rabbit stew!

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    As far as I know the 'certified organic' code has a clause on humane treatment for animals. That includes pain relief for surgical procedures (e.g. castration), providing the ability to show their natural behaviour and taking measurements for a as-stressfree-as-possible killing. The code is worded a little to vague for my liking - but it's definitely better than nothing.

    I'm surprised about the note on dog food though. Do you guys really all feed free range chicken breast?? I feed a mixture of dried dogfood and cheap roo mince. Occasionally he'll get chicken leftovers from our meal, which is always organic. Or I buy a bag of chicken necks, the latter is just a bulk buy - non free-range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuri_89 View Post
    Fair enough newf, your doing an excellent job, however many famers aren't as ethical as you are. Many farmers care more for the "cheap" alternative of transporting & culling there stock than the ethical one
    I totally agree and I think personally that we all need to think about what we eat and how it is is how more chickens became cageless, not perfect, but much better. I wish i could say the same for pigs.

    This is a very touchy subject for me. We expect everything to be mass produced and cheap.......If we looked for quality, ate meat less times per week, but better quality. All stock would live a better life. is one soapbox I should get off on a Dog Forum
    Pets are forever

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    back to these asian countries...I was quite disgusted by one of my sisters after her recent trip to Vietnam. I dont know her that well as we only met 2 years ago or so.

    Anyway, she said she was in her bed one night and heard dogs being slaughtered. She posted all over her FB about how awful it was to hear etc etc. Then, not even 3 days later she was posting on her FB about how she had tried it....WTF?

    Again, no problems if she wants to try dog...but how the hell can you try it after talking about how awful it was to hear them being killed for eating.

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