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Thread: Harley - Smarter than I thought!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean View Post
    I'm just glad there is a group of us that can have a laugh and a good dig at each other. Keeps it fun and interesting !!!

    Every now and then i'll do a search for info and look at some of the older threads on the forum and notice that it used to be pretty heated and ugly with a lot of members either leaving or getting band, glad its not like that now. That other dog forum sounds scary aswell, i'm not even going to have a look over there. I cant stand big ego's or people without a sense of humor. So glad we can have a laugh together.
    yea i got banned from there coz of no sense of humour LOL...thats what I am blaming it on anyway

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    don't ever underestimate the intelligence of a staffy. They can be laying there seemingly paying no attention to the conversation going on but somehow pick up when its them that is being talked about, even without any mention of their name!

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    My little girl does exactly the same thing to my boy, except almost takes it a step further. Sammy is a fussy eater, and in fact one of the benefits of having 2 dogs for us has been that he's eating more purely because he doesn't want her to have it :s But Sammy still takes his time even getting through a raw chicken. So young Zoe will go and grab a toy, and lead Sammy on a chase - but instead of running into the bushes like she does when she really wants to keep something, she stays in the open and Sammy easily catches her. Then, when he's distracted with the toy, she pretends to be following him but as soon as his back is turned she's grabbing the food and running into the bushes where he is too big to follow. Sammy then comes to me and cries to me about the problem...

    Zoe is cunning and crafty and solves problems independently, but Sammy is awesome when you want a dog partner. Over Christmas, we were staying with family for a few nights and they owned 2 dogs - CD x Dalmations x Wolfhound. We had to be very careful about opening the doors because if they got out they did not come back. Anyway, when we were leaving and packing the car, the female got out and made a run for it. I took off after her and Sammy was running at my side. She was zig-zagging across the road and stopping to sniff bins and stuff, but never let me get close. After chasing her down 3 streets I started to realise I could never catch her alone if she didn't want to be caught (in the past she has been returned by the council). So I turned to Sammy, who had just been running along at my side, lead dragging along the ground and looked at Belle and told him to get her. I had no idea what he'd do, or if he'd even do anything at all but that's the command I give to retrieve lol so thought it was worth a try. Well he took off towards her, I ran after both of them, and he was much faster so he started circling her as she ran, and blocking her from going forward. Eventually, she just sat down in front of him and it was easy for me to just walk up, grab her collar, take Sammy's lead off and put it on her. Needless to say, everyone was very surprised to see me returning with the dog.

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    Great dog stories!

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