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    We just came back from 3 nights camping at the coast. We went with some friends and Banjo just followed anyone who was on the move all day. And night, as my friends stayed up late every night. And when she did come into our tent to sleep, she kept racing out to chase the bandicoots and bushrats as they ran past. So she got very little sleep. I wish now I had crate trained her. I hate sleeping with the tent door closed and I'm sure she would just go through the flyscreen if I closed it completely (and it already has a big rip in it). Then she chased the seagulls on the beach - no seagull can land within her sight when she's on patrol - played with a few very energetic dogs, went climbing over rocks with my daughter and fishing in the rock pools. Oh and scaled some insanely steep cliffs with us when my daughter led us on an 'adventure tour' trying to find the ochre caves.

    The first thing she did when we got home was to go dig up a bone and lie on the lawn chewing it and then she just collapsed on the bedroom floor and did not stir all night. She didn't even wake up when the bored cat started biting her tail and paws. And she spent most of the morning lying on her back in the crook of my arm.

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    lol cute!

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    Every pupper should have a weekend like that
    Pets are forever

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    LOL - Nero does the same thing when he spent a day with his crazy sister. When she is being picked up from our house he usually crashes exactly at the spot where he stood when the door closed and goes to a very deep sleep. Sometimes he is even to sleepy to eat and often it carries over to the next day

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