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Thread: corgi wanted

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    Default corgi wanted

    HI I would love to find a corgi or sweet little female dog to compliment my dog/person family.

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    Hi Prudence

    There are lots of sweet females available here - you can change the search options to your state and also change the size to "puppy" if you prefer a younger dog.

    PetRescue - find your new best friend!

    If you very specifically want a corgi - then if I was you, I would look up the corgi breeders club in my state and the dog shows and arrange to go meet some of the breeders and make friends and get on the wait list of the breeder of the dogs I liked best. It can take 12 months for the right puppy to arrive this way, that's just waiting for the female to come in season, then be pregnant and the puppies to grow up enough to go to their new home. So I hope you can be patient - but you can be much surer of the kind of dog you get this way.

    The pet rescue foster carers can also give you a good idea of the dogs temperment that they are looking after, and whether or not you would be a good match.

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