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Thread: Best Dog Obedience School in Melbourne?

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    Default Best Dog Obedience School in Melbourne?

    Still looking for a dog obedience class in Melbourne but was hoping for some suggestions from one that YOU have tried.
    Cost is no problem, I will pay top dollar to give my girl the best to ensure she is happy, healthy and well trained.

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    Um... Depends on where you are, and how far you'll travel, LeeShoe.

    ProK9 ( - Home) is based in the South Eastern suburbs at Lyndhurst (near KCC Park, between Dandenong and Cranbourne). The curriculum is heavily focussed on motivational training, with a low instructor to student ratio and high quality instruction. Training is on Sunday mornings.

    If you'd like to find out more, visit the website, or give Judi Buchan a call. Her number is listed on the site, or please feel free to PM me and I can pass it on directly. Do note, though, bookings are essential as your training begins with highly specialized introductory classes.

    I'm a big fan of ProK9 as I have been a student there, and now instruct classes with Judi and our team.

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    I know quite a few, depends where you are though.

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    There's frankston obedience club I go there with my girl nugget it's $25 a year $2 a class great trainers
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