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Thread: In search for a new family companion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nattylou View Post
    I have only scanned the thread so forgive me if I'm repeating stuff.

    If you like more size an Amstaff would seem more suited, and more likely to be available (as a healthy individual) in blue if you have our heart set on one colour. Be very cautious though, if you want an Amstaff, taking the time to find one with ANKC registration papers is a very, very worthwhile investment.

    This will give you recourse from legislation that resticts Pits, and sould you ever need to travel to Vic, could save your dog's life. Even in NSW, not having to deal with the laws around Pits is a huge advantage and can save much heartbreak and $$. Not that I'm critical of pitbulls, I actualy like them best of the bull breeds. But wouldn't own them unless I lived in the ACT.

    Anther breed you may consider, which is a very large breed and obviously available in the blue colour you admire, is the Neopoltan Mastiff.

    A Neo, or a quality Amstaff with ANKC papers may cost a little more. But if you divide that purchase price over the lifespan of the dog it seems far more reasonable. A dog is an investment you live in close contact with with every day, so careful consideration and the extra few dollars can be more than worth it in the long run.

    As tempting as they may seem, I would recommend steering well clear of any blue Staffordshires, as the colour is linked with numerous health conditions. You may luck out and get a heathy one but is it worth the risk??
    K&P suggested Mastiff (Bull or not bull) - what is the difference with the Neo?

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    As well, not being critical of anyone with unpapered Amstaffs, this is what a quality, well bred blue Amstaff shuld look like:

    Aust Ch Rythmnblu Vali - Owned by Rythmnblu Kennels & N Looney

    And a purebred Neo:
    BIS Aust Ch Dalnarck Emiliano (Imp UK) - Owned by Troy Grennan

    Peter70 on this forum has a Neo as well, with more pics on his profile.

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    Sorry, missed your last while looking for links!

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    I'm no Mastiff expert. But I wuld say, appearance is different, background is as well, being Italian. They also may be "more dog" than some other mastiffs.

    They are normally coloured grey or brindle.

    A massive, noble and loyal dog.

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    My AMSTAFF x is a huge lounge lizard, some days he doesnt get exercise like lately because the rain keeps him indoors. He loves all the time with his family. He is a daddy's boy lol.

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    I can't get the link your first post to open. But I am gathering that what you mean by XXL Pitbull is smething like the "Ambull" etc?

    Be very cautious with these. Although impressive looking they are often bred with to thought in mind but bigger muscles and more $ from buyers. The upshot of that sort of breeding is often shorter lifespan and potentially decreased health and vitality.

    Be aware also that there is media, law enorcement and public scrutiny upon the dog fighting industry in Australia at the moment, which can lead to owners or "breeders" getting rid of excess dogs...

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    I've done some research about Mastiffs, Bullmastiffs and Neos, then comparing it to my lifestyle and the the size I wanted I think I have to research more about them. It is very early for me to change my preference from Staffy to Mastiffs, but there is a big chance it will take the number 1 spot.

    Im on more research, keep the comments going. thanks

    in regards of mastiffs any advise for a breeder around sydney?

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    Any particlar type of mastiff you're looking for breeders of?

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    The Neo will be a good colour, but drools a lot more, at the moment I would like to see all mastiffs and know more from the breeders

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    Have a look on Dogzonline here:

    Ou can click on each breed you are interested in, Neopolitan Mastif, Bullmastiff, Mastiff, Dogue de Bordeaux. You will get a page with a link on the right hand side to breeder listings. In breeder listings you can click on a drop down menu to select NSW.

    There is a large dog show on at Erskine Park tomorrow, the Australia Day show, there will be mastiffs and breeders there as well.

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