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Thread: Rotten dog

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    Yuck! My dog Luke loves to roll in many things.

    I have incorporated the word "leave it" so if he is sniffing around and I see him go in for the roll I can usually stop him (not always). I have also convinced him it is a great idea to bring the dead things to me when he finds them when we're out.

    Though, One time he did roll in horse poo where I couldn't see him with my friends English Pointer. Needless to say the pointer went from white to brown and I had to take them home in the car to bath them. Unfortunately, No black hole with shampoo for me :P

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    My dog rolled in something akin to sump oil - NFI why.

    It took cussons dish washing detergent and omo washing powder and warm water to get it off her.

    I'm sure Shannon Lush would have a better recipe but dog can be grateful she didn't get the Martha Gardener Kerosene treatment (my mum's house smells like varnish because she followed the (wrong) recipe for cleaning shower screens. oops.

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