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Thread: Contracts

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    I have a non-neutered well mannered dog...he does not hump, he does not show aggression. He used to pi** on everything, but that was because he had no boundaries, I got him as a Rescue at 4.5 years old. I also have a Bitch.

    Giant Breeds should not be desexed at 6 month, I would if i did them leave them until 18-24 months...there are so many problems in desexing giants early (medical osteo issues and such)

    It is Always down to training and management.........I will always recommend for the average family to desex their dog, but i will not say to people you should, if they are responsible, it is a choice. If you throw pros for desexing, many negatives can counteract it.

    I have seen many dogs desexed and people think that will solve all their problems, definitely not always true.......
    Pets are forever

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    Yeah, I must admit that the JRT x I'm talking about wasn't very well looked after either, so he probably was a bad example come to think of it...

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