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Thread: Interesting Mix!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuri_89 View Post
    Lol we do the same, put a price tag on them according to how much money they have managed to squeeze out of us, especially since one of them seems to be accident prone & is always costing us lots in vet bills. Everytime we come back from the vet OH says to me "that was his last chance, if something happens to him next time, i'm only forking out enough money to put him to sleep" but everytime he foots the bill. lol

    LOL my OH says that too!

    We forked out thousands on Chev in her last few years (she had severe allergies). And when she got sick, we could have forked out thousands more to possible squeeze an extra 3-6 months (absolute max) out of her life. I spent a couple of days thinking about it and opted not to. Not because of the money but because I thought the quality of life for those 3-6 months would not have been worth it (she would have had surgery and chemo etc). The odd thing was though, it was hard to come to the decision, but once I made it, it was kind of easy because I knew I had made the right decision for her. An extra 3-6 months would have been great, but not when she wouldnt have been able to enjoy it much.

    Lennox was another expensive one.

    Thus far at 7, Barney has not really cost as anything. And neither has Pippi, but she is only 2 and a half so theres plenty of time yet LOL

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    Our last litter went to new homes for $0 - 1k, and a few variants in between.

    It's the quality of the home that matters most, not the $. I would feel dreadful trying to profit from my dogs, that's not their purpose, and not remotely a reason for breeding.

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