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Thread: Does your dog love someone else ?

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    Grant interesting posts, thank you.
    The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
    Mohandas Gandhi

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    Sorry Sean , I've always been the 'one' that the dogs seem to gravitate to .

    But just a quick thought on the issue of us reflecting our human ideas etc onto our dogs.
    We are frowned apon by some when we tend to humanise our dogs and their actions/emotions , yet we expect our dogs to understand commands for our humanised way of life. We expect them to fit in to a humanised way of life and then call fault with their temps/health/training etc when they find it difficult....yet we cannot reflect a 'human' emotion on them ? Tad confusing and something I've always had problems adhering to.

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    I totally agree Choppa. It is confusing and somtimes i have to pull myself up for thinking like that too.
    I think they play us for fools and actually train us humans into the pets they want us to be !!!

    At the end of the day, if he's happy and healthy then i'm happy too. Even if he does love my daughter

    In hindsight they share the same relationship i had with my familys first dog 'Storm'. The old man always thought it was his dog but i knew deep down he was actually mine.

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    My GSD pup seems to find comfort in being near me and listens to me more than anyone else, especially when it comes to tricks. When the bitsa Jack Russell X is around, though, it's almost like I don't exist. He has tunnel vision for that dog!

    On the other side of the coin though I've found it really tough to bond with my boyfriends Jack Russell X as mentioned above. He's so ball focused all he does when you come outside is drop a ball at your feet, otherwise he doesn't want to know you. He jumps up at you ALL the time, finds it really tough to settle down and doesn't really listen to me that much at all.

    I think it's partly because when he is around, my GSD doesn't listen to me as much as I'd like as he's so focused on the JR. When he's by himself, however, he is absolutely perfect. I enjoy every minute of alone time I get with the GSD but not as much when he's with the JR. I suppose in a way I resent the other dog for capturing the attention of my dog so easily, lol!

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    Ah ha.
    such disloyal bastards dogs!

    Pohm will go for getting her own needs met, by whomever she knows is gonna put out in that moment.

    Bernie, its ME. Im number one! He knows it, i know it, OH refuses to know it, but it dont change fact lol Its me he brings the ball to when OH has thrown it. Its my feet that he crawls underneath of a evening. Its my window he's at in the morning waiting for a sign that its time to GO! At 5.30am unfortunately, so i wouldnt mind sharing some of this glory for certain tasks.

    And lets talk of pulling power from the female perspective.
    Walking a rottie and a GSD can attract........a certain caliber of suitor shall we say?
    They usually perceive me to be that woman off "its me or the dog" all boots and attitude. All they see is two 'macho' dogs, 1 woman, and the boots. they miss that they are gumboots, and the 2 dogs are doing zoomies and being silly.

    Either way, its not big and its not clever.

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    My pup is a little attached to me, though I suspect that's just because I spend more time with him, I train him, I play with him, talk to him etc etc. Not that my partner doesn't but he does it a lot less frequently than I do. It is however a little annoying, for example in the situation when both my partner and I are home, if I leave the room and the pup remains with my partner, he will go a little bonkers and whine and fret like his world just fell apart 'cause I left the room, completely ignoring my partner's presence, even if prior to me leaving the room he's happily playing with toys or eating something, hell, even if he's asleep and I make a move to get up and walk off he'll wake up and start fretting. However if my partner leaves the room and I'm the one remaining with the pup, he's perfectly content. Nice to know he wants me around all the time, but I'm working on him accepting alone time because obviously I can't be around every second of the day. My partner jokes that he's such a mummies boy, but I don't think he really minds, all of our animals are really my animals, he'd probably be just as happy without them, whereas I can't imagine living with no pets.

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    I think it is actually a good thing that your dog love your child. imagine how it would be a bigger problem if the dog hates her! tit would have been a tougher situation because then you would have no other choice! I think it is jst a matter of perspective, if yu treat your dog ike your own child then think of it like how your child would also grow up and find someone else to love after you have given all the love, care and support as she was growing up but then eventually you will have to accept the fact that she will make her own choices soon as well and that you have to accept that, something like that.

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