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Thread: Victim of being mounted and excessive barking

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    Default Victim of being mounted and excessive barking

    I have the opposite problem. My dog is the one being humped by other dogs at dog parks. When it happens what should I be doing?

    Also he has the tendency to bark alot once they are off or at any dog to play, however excessive barking, he is a chocolate lab. I'm trying "dropping" him when this happens however I must be doing something incorrect as its not working.

    Please Help

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    How old is Kodi?........And truthfully if he is getting mounted all the time and obviously not happy about it (fearful) I would not go to the dog-park with him. I would try to find a place where there are some people who have more control over their dogs and get him used to some dogs more kindly and slowly. I hate it when other dogs bully a less confident dog. It is often the way some dogs get fear aggressive.
    So please keep your dog safe.......Mounting for a dog is not fun, unless it is in play and the dog does not mind, but seeing that he is barking, he sounds worried to me.
    All of this is hard to judge from the written word, because there is a possibility your dog is barking in play and having fun. But if there is the least chance this is not so keep your pup away from the dogs mounting him. Obviously the owners are not doing so. It is like bullies in the schoolyard, no fun for the one being bullied.

    If you want to meet lots of dogs try a kennel Club or Obedience group in your area. there will be many dogs, but all under control. And if like at where I train/instruct, if we have time, we will let certain dogs off lead together. So they can have a great play with equal dogs. Doing some Obedience with other dogs around is always a good idea anyway. Dogs get used to the distractions and still having to listen to you.......
    Keep Kodi safe
    Pets are forever

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    I agree with Newfsie, this doesnt sound like fun for you dog at all.

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    hi Kodi

    I'd recommend doing some dog obedience classes and focussing on training your dog to be a well mannered pet.

    The easiest way I find to stop excessive barking - is to put it on command. I don't fully understand why this happens but it has something to do with rewarding your dog for barking on cue (ie when you command) so barking when there's no reward from you becomes less fun or just less often.

    So you start with a situation where your dog would normally bark - for me - it's dinner time. As the dog is barking his head off, you say "speak" and you say "yes" and shove a yummy treat in his mouth. If he stops barking, you say "quiet" then "yes" and shove another treat in his mouth. At this point you may have a very attentive dog and no barking. But for most dogs it takes a few repetitions to gain understanding. The "yes" is like a "click" and will come to mean to the dog - that he has earned a reward for what he's doing right now and will get one as soon as you can get it out your pocket.

    If my dog barks too much around the back yard - I go get her and hold her collar (having played lots of collar grab, Frosty, treat), until she calms down. If she still wants to bark a lot when I let her go, I put her on lead and take her away from whatever it is that is setting her off. Note I check first that it's not something she should be barking at first.

    As for the other dogs humping yours, you can try putting some vicks vapour rub around your dog's tail and butt - cos they sniff then mount and vicks smells bad to a dog. Or try carrying a water pistol. I haven't had much problem with this because my dog sits or rolls over and kicks the humping dog which gets them off very quickly. I agree with Newfsie though - if this is happening at the dog parks you go to - maybe find some other parks - much bigger ones - because most fully fenced ones are too small to allow your dog to escape safely. Don't congregate with the owners of humping dogs, stay away - hopefully their dogs will stay with their owners - but in a small space this doesn't work too well. Last resort - ask them to keep their dogs away from your dog. Get their dog's registration numbers and report to council because it's against NSW dog law for one dog to harass another dog (or cat or human or livestock etc) whether or not any injury is caused.

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