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Thread: Do you have a dog crate?

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    Default Do you have a dog crate?

    Do you use a dog crate for your dog and what do you use it for?

    Both my dog and my mothers dog sleep in my room on the bottom bunk, I sleep on the top bunk. This is how they have been sleeping since I first got my dog (she is now 15 months old) but lately I have been getting pains in my stomach and find it painful to climb up the ladder to my bed, but I'm unable to have the dog to sleep in the same bed as me, my dog trys to jump on me and my mothers growls at me.
    My mums dog also has something that the vet explained to me as like alzheimers, she no longer wants to sleep at night but she sleeps during the day so I'm a bit worried that she is interupting my dogs sleep.
    Mums dog would happily stay on her mat all night but my dog wont so I was thinking about crating my dog but not my mothers.

    Is my dog to old to learn to be crated? And how do you teach them to like being in there?
    Help in choosing sizes would also be appriciated

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    Ive only used mine since Mojo was a puppy so i'm not sure about a 15 month old dog.
    I climbed in his (xxx large, with divider) so he just followed me in where we played and he got some treats. He was soon using it as his day bed with the door opened all the time. Once i knew he was really comfortable i would close the door for a few seconds and then longer periods of time as he got the hang of it. I use a 'open' cage type that he can see out of which i think makes a big diffrence as he will not go into a kennel or anything really enclosed.
    These days i use it mainly for camping trips (it folds down on itself).I have piece of mind he's not wondering away during the night and i know he feels safe in there as on new years there where fireworks going off all over the place and he never battered a eyelid.

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    I dont use a crate...

    However, when one of my dogs was about 5 he hurt his back legs/hips and had to be crated for a week. So I dont thnk age matters at all. I didnt do anything special to get him used to it, I just told him to get in and he did LOL. That wouldnt necessarily work for most dogs though.

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    I only use ours for puppy toilet training and I take mine to the Shows (hardly ever put them in it)........
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    I recently bought one. None of my dogs are crated trained but will happily go in with a treat/bone and stay put until they're let out. I've kept Cleo crated this week because my family's away on holidays, and she had no problems.

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    Thanks, I have decided not to get one at the moment, bought them individual beds which worked out a lot cheaper then buying on crate.
    My dog keeps trying to sleep on my bed instead of hers but she should learn quickly

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    I use crates at agility trials. I also use them for my young dogs overnight although my older dogs are loose..

    You can get them cheap on the internet. I think I paid about $35 for a soft crate for a medium size dog.

    Older dogs not bought up with them are easy to train. My older dog loves sleeping in a crate. I often find her curled up in a crate during the day.

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