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Thread: Lost dog - rusty manly/seaforth nsw

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    Default Lost dog - rusty manly/seaforth nsw

    Lost dog RUSTY - Seaforth NSW
    Our gorgeous welsh springer spaniel rusty has gone missing. He went missing on new years eve from our home. He's a 1 year old puppy, brown and white, much loved by two young boys Archie and Felix. If you know anyone in the seaforth/manly/balgowlah area please share this post, or if you are from there please keep your eye out for rusty. We miss him terribly. Reward offered.

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    sorry to hear........have you got any recent pics?
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    Default Rusty - lost dog seaforth/manly

    Sure do, here's a few snaps here.


    Please keep your eyes peeled and let as many people in the area know that he's missing. any help whatsoever is appreciated.

    Thank you


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    Sad to hear, Rusty is still not home......Good luck, I hope you find him soon
    Pets are forever

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