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Thread: Help with picking a breed needed :)

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    Okay so I think we have decided on a pug. My only worry now is whether our house is suitable. I have never had an indoor dog before and we are currently renting. Most of the adoption adds say that the dog needs 24 hour access to inside the house. Does this mean I will need a doggie door so the dog can go in and out as they please? Or can it mean when I am away they stay inside. If it's the latter how do you teach your house trained dogs to wee/poo while your gone if they can't get outside? Sorry if I sound daft lol

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    If you don't mind giving the dog somewhere to poo inside, then you don't need a doggy door.
    They need to be able to get inside away from extreme weather.
    They also shed A LOT!!! More than any other breed. Just keep that in mind.

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    actually a black pug isn't as bad with shedding.. they don't have a double coat.

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    We had a black rescue pug and hers was pretty bad too... Much more shedding than the longer coated dogs I am used to!

    But she was beyond adorable, high energy, she never stopped! We had to have her nostrils corrected to aid her breathing but after that she was perfect (except for the missing eye that is... But she came into rescue because of an untreated eye injury so that wasn't a breed fault).

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    Contact a Pug breeder - (i imagine) most would be happy to tell you everything you need to know and even go over and meet their clan to get a feel about what the breed is like.

    We are renting for now, so i can't put in a doggy door in (which is something I will def do when we get our own place). My dog is toilet trained so we just let him outside periodically. Go to one of those large pet barns and they should have an indoor toilet - see link below. I haven't used them myself but it's an option to consider?

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    And I know you don't want a show pup, but look for breeders that seem to show, even a lttle bit. The pug's popularity doesn't always help it out and there are registered breeders out the who are only churning out pups for money with no regard to health and soundness.

    If a breeder shows their dogs, you have a much higher chance of finding a carefully bred and raised puppy.

    Our rescue girl was from a registered breeder... Nothing good to say about them... But they didn't show, just bred... and bred...

    Of course not all great breeders do show, but when you're beginning to look for a pup and new to it a show kennel is often a good starting point, even if they refer you to other breeders.

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    Yep, you can't show a pug that can't make it around the show ring a few times without dropping dead, it's a myth that show breeders don't breed for health.

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    yep they are meant to snore when awake totally normal.

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    I am sorry to hear about your labrador..........Just so sad when you loose a friend, the breeds you have chosen are great as pure-breds. And I now read that you have chosen the Pug........The cavalier and the Tibetan Spaniel are absolutely fabulous dogs too though. And I have seen all three breeds with and around lots of kids and they are great. I wish you luck in your venture of finding a great puppy
    Pets are forever

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    Thanks for your help everyone. I love the idea of the spaniels and if it were just up to me I would definitely consider them but I think the pug apeals a bit more to my husband. I will definitely discuss them with him though.

    Thanks for the tip with looking for breeders too. I guess thats the advantage of having so much time on our hands before we want a pup/dog so we can take our time and research before we make our choice

    The shedding is a bit of an issue. Anything I can do diet wise etc to reduce that? Is it unmanagable? Are there any similar natured "lap dogs" that shed less?

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