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Thread: Finally decided on a breed....what next

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    SOOOOO EXCITED. We went to meet the breeder and her gorgeous pregnant Cavvie oh she was so so so gorgeous. So we have paid a deposit and just waiting on the birth of the pups and to go back in 5-6 weeks to choose our puppy. The kids are beside themselves and I am just as bad to be honest. It was lovely to meet the family breeding the puppies they were very forthcoming with all the information and many questions I asked. Now I have to make a list of everything I need to get in the next 6-8 weeks to welcome our new addition. Is there a sticky perhaps in the puppy section? Will investigate now. Oh I didnt expect to be as excited as I am I just fell in love with the Mummy dog. Thanks to everyone for their help so far no doubt I will be a regular vistor with silly first time questions. Can't stop smiling!!!!

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    Hi Jenniferc

    This should help with all things puppy.
    Digital Dog Training Textbook | Dog Star Daily

    And the breeder should help with cav specific stuff like what to feed and how often.

    for my puppy - before I got her, I made sure the fences were secure, and I put capping - under the side fence next to my neighbours, because they had a cat, and I didn't want my dog to stick her nose under and then rip it on the fence. My brother managed to do this to himself and a different neighbour's dog managed to do it too. And you don't want them to be able to dig under either. And I found out the hard way that picket gates are collar catchers and dog stranglers, though that shouldn't be a problem with a cav.

    Lead and collar. Probably light and tiny for a cav puppy. I ended up with a horse rope lead for my evil hound cos she could chomp through a flat webbing one in less than 30 seconds. Three bites was all it took.

    Then it was bed (card board box to start with), crate - for when I was out mostly - protect carpet and furniture, and food bowl, and plastic tub buckets for the dry dog food. Blankies and bedding - I recycled from old stuff I and friends had. Got some dog toys too. Tug toys, kong, everlast fun ball (still have that) etc.

    Puppy preschool and dog training club or school are good ideas too.

    And the vax, flea, and wormers - breeder should recommend something.

    I used johnson's baby shampoo when she needed it, hasn't needed it for ages. Today she smells a bit fishy - beach this morning.

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    So exiting.......sounds like fun times ahead
    Pets are forever

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    My baby was born on March 5th by c/section (poor Mum)

    It was her first litter she had 4 pups 3 girls and a boy. I am sooooo excited (not as excited as when I had my kids but DEFINATELY more excited than when any of my friends had kids is that wrong lol)

    Anyway as I am hopeless with anything teeny and cute I thought I would show the pics the lovely breeder kindly sent us. The kids want them all. I wonder which one we will end up with



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    Oh, I had not expected them to look so different from eachother! I think I like the patterns on the two middle ones best, though it's hard when you cannot see their faces.

    Congrats on the birth of your new baby!

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