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Thread: need help with neighbours

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    Default need help with neighbours

    We have 2 dogs both still pups although one doesn't look like a pup cause of his size but he isn't 12 months old yet and one of our neighbours has said their barking at night is annoying because it wakes their 1 and half year old kid up at night and they have trouble getting it back to sleep we have tried to keep them under control and doing what we can to stop them barking at night we bought sonic collars and they lasted a week before they tore them off and chewed them up they worked fine but we don't want to have to keep buying new ones each week and what made it worse was they were fine for a week after the destroyed them till our neighbour started coming up to the gate themselves and Trying to tell the dogs what to do then they started up again, we also know that cause the dogs weren't quiet to their liking and I know the dogs are only barking because they are being territorial they opened our gates up and let them out so we had to buy locks for the gates also we are finding different objects in our yard as well, we have a feeling they are throwing things at the dogs, they have a dog as well that they let out to roam the street an piss and shit on everyones yard plus they left it locked inside one night and it barked for non stop for 4 hrs straight and kept us awake we can't say anything because we fear something will happen to us, our house or our dogs because we ha e seen how the act towards each other and even the postie, I heard them this morning say one of our dogs bit their kid we know that they do not bite because we have 2 children of our own and they don't do anything to them except lick them, we are worried the council is going to turn up all because they will lie to them just to get rid of our dogs, also on the other side of us there is another puppy and it barks just as much as ours so don't know why ours is being targeted, is there anything anyone can suggest for us to do so we don't have coucil turn up and loose our dogs over people lying and they would get away with it?

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    I would maybe start recording what happens so that if the council do come along you can show what sets them off. Is it possible to keep your dogs in at night time? Sorry I can't be more helpful, thankfully I've never had this problem!

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    Its are to keep them inside at night cause of how big one of the dogs are plus we have a cat and he sleeps inside and the dogs don't get on with the cat and we don't have a garage so that's out as well thanks for the suggestion though

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    Neighbour disputes......everyones nightmare......And if the truth is changed to suit your neighbours, you probably are in for a difficult time.

    I can only suggest to lock your dogs up at night, be it safely in the garage or laundry........But if they ( the neighbours) are set to give you a hard time, they will.

    You can maybe see the council before they go to see them and explain your predicament. I have seen to many neighbour problems on different programs, that it is most likely not about your dogs behaviour.

    My dogs who are really well mannered would bark if we left them out at night, basically because they would go into protect and highly likely some chicken mode....Ours are in at night.

    If thinga are really bad, and you feel uncomfortable, maybe start looking for somewhere else ( unless you own the place), which I know might be very difficult, but bad neighbours can effect your whole way of living
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    There's really no way around the fact that they need to be confined at night to stop them barking. They are being stimulated by all the little night noises, and the tension with the neighbours will increase that.

    If the neighbours are throwing things and potentially harassing and/or teasing your dogs, it's certainly not unrealistic to say a dog may end up snapping.

    My dogs come up to my waist (and I'm 6 foot tall) and I have a small house but they can be brought in if and when they need to be. They must have manners in the house yes, but they learn that by doing it - it isn't instant.

    You have to train them to be indoors, don't let them get up to no good with the cat.

    Whilst they are learning they can be put in a crate. You can buy collapsible crates quite cheaply online. Put it up last thing, lock the dogs in and go to bed. When you get up, they go out, the crate folds up and you have your space back.

    There is no miracle cure for your situation. You will need to manage the dogs, if you want to improve the situation. Removing them from the problem place - the backyard - during the problem time - night - is really important.

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    We have thought our only option is to move but that's gunna take some time in doing so, so we need to figure out what we can do till then and locking them away is hard as I said before the way the house is and having no garage and the size of one of the dogs I really don't want him on the couches as it is its annoying haveing the cat on them so yea im kinda stuck with not many options but I might see about going to the council before they do depending when I can find out when we can move thanks for all the opinions and suggestions I'll see what we can do with them

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    How large is your dog?

    I've had Irish Wolfhounds inside and crated before, so it IS possible... Even in a tiny home like mine. I have a door shut so the cats have one part of the house (my bedroom, lol) and the dogs have their crates out in the living room.

    Most of ehat I had to offer by way of advice has already been posted by others, especially Natty, so I won't keep waffling.

    Id REALLY urge you to fond a way to confine your dogs during the night, for their safety, your peace of mind, and everyone ses safety.

    Good Luck!!!

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    absolutely agree with Jadielee - if i ever had neighbours throwing around accusations about my dog, i'd set up cameras in all the locations where they could either access the dogs or throw things at them. Might be expensive and tricky to organise, but if it means you can prove they are provoking the dogs or even trying to harm your dogs, you need that evidence.

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    It sounds like your neighbours are unpleasant folk, but... barking dogs at night drives me bonkers too. I agree with others that you need to try and manage that.

    As Nattylou said, you can train a dog to be inside. Doesn't matter how big they are or how small your house. It may not be easy at first and it takes some effort to teach them not to get on couches or chase the cat. But if you do not try everything possible to make the barking stop, then you are in a much weaker position if it does get reported to the council.

    I would also report to the council that they deliberately let the dogs out and throw objects into your backyard.

    Good luck. It must be hard to have to worry about being reported.

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    Your dogs really need to be inside if they're problem barking. As others said, you could crate them. We have 4 dogs here and I can only IMAGINE the mischief they'd get up to if they were outside at night! Jag is a pain during the day as he runs outside like his ass is on fire to bark at everything.

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