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Thread: Help me-feeling regret over loss

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    One question for you - did you sell the puppy to a good home? If the answer is yes - than you did the right thing. It was obviously the wrong time for you both to get a new puppy so by passing him onto a better home was the right thing to do.

    I would also have an issue with a puppy in a unit. I just wouldn't like to raise a dog like that. I live on a farm and my dogs have acres to run around in and things to do all of the time. I know many people do it and all are happy - but it just not for me.

    Wait until the time is right for both you and your partner and then start looking for a life-time friend. Don't knock yourself around about the little bloke now. I'm sure he is happy.

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    IMO, it just looks like too much responsibility for you.

    Youre not at home anymore so you dont have parental backup.

    Next time, make sure you are 100% ready.

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    It is a horrible feeling when you feel your dog is a burden more than anything else. Especially the guilt that comes with that. I've had some times with my old dog like that when I just felt overwhelmed by life. I even considered finding her a new home a couple of times. But she had been with me for years by then, so I stuck with it and got over it and afterwards was quite amazed that I had thought those thoughts.

    If I would have felt like that about a new puppy though, I would have done the same as you. You did what was right both for the pup and for you and the puppy will have forgotten about it by now. And will live a happy life with a family who are feeling more able to take on the responsibilities of having a small pup.

    There will probably be a time when things fall into place and you feel ready for another dog. You might even consider a slightly older pup then, one that is less needy? A new dog is always hard work, but tiny puppies are especially full on.

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