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Thread: snake fright

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    We had a neighbour come and slash the paddock surrounding the dam today.
    He said that he had chopped up two snakes (that he saw).

    I was surprised by this, I thought the snakes would have bolted down the gully and found a safe place to hide.
    Any thoughts?

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    They wouldn't have moved because movement and sound like that doesn't frighten them (hence why snake repellers do not work). I don't understand why people think they would when you can watch them travel through paddocks with herds of cows and galloping horses and whatever else. You're very unlikely to scare a snake off with vibration and movement when they feel safe, like the snakes in the paddock while your friend was slashing it.

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    I have observed a number of snakes in the last few years and their responses vary. I have found that when a snake feels vibrations it will usually move. Trouble is I have seen them move away from say my footsteps froma shed, only to find itself in the open in which case it will see me and freeze. If I stand still it will usually move off if it thinks it is safe to do so. But there is defintely a moment of hesitation there especially if I continued to move towards it as it considers whether to run, stay still or perhaps need to fight.

    I have had sheep running in a paddock due to an unusual commotion and a snake has coming slithering past me very fast heading away from the commotion. I have been out with my dogs and when they run the vibrations are coming from all directions, I have had a snake fleeing come straight between my legs. I have had snakes also feeze in this situation. My dogs came across one sunning itself near ts hole, it tried to run but my dogs were too quick so it started rearing up, fortunately I was able to call my dogs off and it made good its escape down its hole.

    I think it depends on each situation and also what they are used to within their territory.

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    Default "Snake repeller help"

    Quote Originally Posted by Kalacreek View Post
    No mine are new. I had a look in the instructions and couldnt find anything about changing the battery. Will have a look tomorrow at the unit.

    Mine are making the sonic noises but I cant feel the vibrations. It is a heavy clay they are in and held very tight, so dont know if that has anything to do with it.

    Hi Kalacreek,
    Yes if you could have a look that would be wonderful.
    I'm at a loss with these units, and the fact the sellers won't help is very distressing. The amount of money I spent on them, you know, and I'd buy more if they'd help a bit. But at the moment I'm not a fan as the sellers just won't reply at all! Hoping there is someone out here who may know what to do.

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    On the topic of snakes.... yesterday we had a guy from the Dept of Environment and Conservation bring a snake in that was tangled in a badminton net and found at the local rec centre. He said it was an olive python which are harmless. The vet put gloves on and held its head because even pythons hurt when they bite. I was happily holding the snake barehanded, with its tail over my shoulder so I could cut away the net that was digging into its skin. We called a snake man who comes and collects them for rehab and release and it turns out I had been playing with a 2 meter Dugite! He also informed me that the Dugite is the 13th most poisionous snake in the world!!!!
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