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Thread: probiotic for dogs, can i give inner health plus?

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    Default probiotic for dogs, can i give inner health plus?

    My boy has an upset tummy at the moment, i am taking him to the vet tomorrow just to be safe but he gets an upset tummy after i worm him with drontal. (totally forgot ) I wormed him saturday. Anyway, last time he had an upset tummy the vet gave me pro biotics to add to bland food. Just wondering if i could just use inner health plus instead of the one they would sell me? I think i paid $80 for a sachet of it last time & i have inner health plus at home that i could use.
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    Dog pro biotics usually contain a strain of bacteria that the human ones don't, I dont think it would do any harm at all but it probably wont have the same impact that specialised canine ones have.
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    Thanks, didn't think of that. Thought it would all be the same.

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    PAW Probiotic seems to get a good wrap on DOL...  14

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitte View Post
    PAW Probiotic seems to get a good wrap on DOL...
    We use that, but if you cannot get it the human is better then none....I also use a small amount of "slippery elm" when I worm my dogs or horses. I do not worm very often as i get a stool checks done about twice a year on the horses and dogs and if a low or no worm count, I do not worm. Our have been very low or almost zero due to certain practices. I am very anti chemical, it has it's place, but I feel we use too much for both humans and dogs
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