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    hey all......

    so my better half wants to dog sit for a friend of hers, apparently she is a french bulldog........while i have no issues with this ( cos i know she will do all of the work), i am owrried about how jonah may react to having another dog in his yard...... he has never shown any agro or anythign like that, but this would be the first time he has had a mate in his yard....

    is there anythign i need to look out for? any precautions to take etc?

    im guessing as a start to let the dogs meet on neutral grounds?

    anything else?

    aparantly it is an outside dog, where as Jonah is in and out all the time....... id hate to have the frenchie sleep outside while jonah sleeps inside......

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    These are my thoughts, I would like to see input from foster carers etc as they are all well versed in temp dog situations. Neutral meeting, then supervised interaction initially, separate feeding and sleeping areas, lots of positive vibes.
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    I doubt it will make a huge impact, dogs are very adaptable. Just don't make a big deal about it, go on as per usual.

    When I had a couple foster dogs stay with me, I just made sure to supervise intros and generally always supervised play, mostly because my first foster was a pup and my dogs are quite large so wanted to make sure play stayed fairly gentle. My 2nd foster dog I introduced to my dogs but didn't let them interact after that as her body language concerned me (with right considering how she went in her next foster home).

    Feed desperately, don't even try to feed in the same area otherwise you could end up in a very bad situation.
    Make sure the owners of the Frenchie bring along a bed for it. It is fine for it to sleep inside, not sure where Jonah sleeps but maybe put the Frenchie in the laundry or spare bathroom...? And Jonah in his normal sleeping place.

    Supervise play, and probably don't leave them to run around together unsupervised during the day. Too many bad things happen with unsupervised dogs left alone together (especially Bully breeds).

    I house/dog sit for a friend and her 2 dogs are never worried about me bringing Phoenix with me.

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    The one thing I do when i take on new Fosters/rescues is I let the dogs meet away from home and see how they get on. If they are OK, they will usually be fine. if away from their home territory they do not get along, I would not bring the other dog home.

    This is of course if you want them to run together. i get dogs for re-training and they do not get out with my dogs at first, we have a safe enclosure for them. And we always have our dogs on lead when we train them together with these dogs for re-training purposes. But we often find, by the end of the dogs stay, they can be together, because they trained side by side so much. That is why i love obedience. Work dogs together often enough, side by side, opposite one another and just lots of dog passing dog and they just learn to get along. They learn, when we are together we behave
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