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Thread: The Christmas pup

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    Of course, you are right Lala - I have seen the very cute looking Malamute pup being surrendered after a while. They grow so quickly to large dogs. The same with Border Collies - intelligent, but needing so much exercise.

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    I've got a problem with this story on so many levels.

    Firstly, these people considered their children old enough and responsible enough to take care of a dog - they were wrong, but the pup wasn't an impulse purchase. They didn't consider that if the kids decided not to live up to the responsibility they would have to pick up the slack themselves, which they were unwilling to do. They brought the pup home in school holidays which would have been the best time to house train it, teach it basic obedience, socialise it - which they didn't do either. Factors totally irrelevant to the pup's eventual dumping at a shelter: the fact it came from a pet shop, was a cross breed, and was bought at Christmas.

    Yes it's a classic tale of people making bad choices in purchasing a pup (although the outcome would have been the same if they had gotten a dog from a breeder or rescue - hopefully a breeder would have taken the dog back when it was no longer wanted), bad training, bad parenting - if the moral of the story is 'don't buy your kids a dog unless you're prepared to look after it yourself, especially if your kids are irresponsible little turds' fine, but if the moral is 'don't buy a pup at Christmas' I don't think it quite hits the mark.

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    The major problem with the story is that it's here, where most of us are dedicated to caring for our dogs regardless of their age or how they behave. The issue is how to get the story out there. Shame we can't print it and stick it all over pet store windows & all over school notice boards. Also, i didn't think dogs lasted as long as month in the pound? Thought it was only 14 days?

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