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Thread: Chihuahua with spinal cord injury

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    Default Chihuahua with spinal cord injury

    I left for work at lunch on Friday and she was happy and fit. Came home 5pm that afternoon to find her hind legs tucked underneath her and she was able to move them. She was struggling to stand upright, shaking and sitting in her pee. I felt so sad and guttered. It just hurt so bad to see her like that. We rushed her to ER and she spent the night. After a agonizing day wait the vet said she most likey ruputured her invertebrate disc putting pressure on her spinal cord and causing paralysis in her hind legs. We took her home sat afternoon to make her comfortable at home and take her back on mon morning for ct scan to confirm and surgery if needed. We were told this will all cost around $10k! My wife and I were going overseas next week but I cancelled it to be with my dog and see her through. It's hard to not know what is going to happen next and if she will ever recover. She still has deep sensation in her legs. I can't eat or sleep and just feel so sad and miserable. I love her so much

    Will she ever recover?
    Could she have just injured the disc causing it swell and push againt the nerves?
    Who has gone through this ordeal and how did your dog pull through?

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    Oh gosh, I am so so sorry to read about your dog
    So many people wouldn't be able to afford the price tag for the operation and would opt to PTS. You cancelling your trip to be with her shows she is in a very loving evironment, and it would probably help with her healing process.

    I had a dog who had a spinal injury (before I rescued him) and he would wake with arthritis every morning and not able to move his legs.. they would drag for an hour. In the end I had him PTS (only had him for a few months and he got worse and worse). They didn't even offer surgery at the vet and the medication wasn't enough. I am glad that your vet sees a solution.

    please keep us updated.

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    A holiday is the last thing on my mind. Plus I can't let my girl suffer any longer then she has to and be alone aswell. Everyone has called me crazy to spend $10k but I just can't see PTS as a option. She has unconditional love for me and I know she would do anything for me. I just hope everything goes well and she's back to she same old cheeky way.

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    I'm so sorry, I hope the surgery helps.

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    Your dog is so lucky to have you as an owner! I hope the surgery goes well and she makes a swift recovery!

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    I really hope no one has to go through this ordeal. I wish I could just tell her no to be scared poor things is frighten.

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    I can't praise you enough for spending that much money on your dog and not just opting for PTS. It is people like you who restore my faith in humanity. I work at a vet clinic and I see so many animals PTS because owners can't afford to take care of them (we are talking $300 bills people arent even prepared to pay, even on a pay as you go system)
    Thank you for being remarkable, I hope your dog gets better soon and as it sounds like she is in a very loving environment I am sure she will. Out of curiosity, how old is your dog?
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    I am so sorry this is happening to your little one.

    I haven't gone through this with my dogs, but i work in a Radiology Department. Sometimes critical swelling occurs and causes paralysis.......When the inflammation reduces, they sometimes get some feeling back. There are some drugs to help this, such as dexamethasone (cortisone type of drug). Are there any Vets near you that have MRI..As this might help in the correct diagnosis, it does soft tissue better.

    I am hoping your little one will get better, thinking of you

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    Please get at least one second opinion.

    A friend's dog became paralyzed in the back legs and could not move them, and was dragging around on her front legs and had a great deal of trouble going to the toilet etc.

    They went for a second opininon and a specalists opinion and got a variety of diagnoses possiblities - ie could have been a spinal cord, disk problem but the xrays weren't completely conclusive.

    In the end they waited and over a month or so the dog came good - not as good as before but walking and running ok and ok with the toilet good - with no surgery at all.

    So definitely don't rush into surgery. Get another opinion or two.

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    She had her ct scan this afternoon. She did not rupture her disc nor was it herniated. But her spinal cord is swollen. They could only see down to 1mm but even then nothing showed up that was pressing against the spinal cord. I think when she was playing with her sister he may of slipped or twisted her back. Either way surgeon suggested no surgrey and just let her heal on her own. He did suggested something vascular causing the problem.

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